Scanning may be defined as seating in front of a bulky machine, feeding it with physical papers or documents in order to make them digital. But in fact, this is the old version definition, it doesn’t apply to this mobile age era. The process has been made easy, you can scan documents with an Android phone using pretty simple methods, and you can definitely do that in minutes and send them wherever you want online.

Gone are the days when you have to wait for several minutes, if not days, for your physical documents to be converted into digital once, we are living in the mobile age, why can’t you move along with the rest of the world, where everything is done by your mobile phone. It’s pretty amazing how our phones have managed to transform our lives, I can’t imagine spending a day or two without my phone. My phone is my greatest companion.

You can do so many things with your phone, you can perform banking transactions, control what your kids are doing even in your absence, store up to 1TB of data (photos, documents, wedding videos etc). The list is endless.

After reading this article, you will be able to scan your own documents, access them using any device that has Google drive or Adobe Scan installed on it.

Without worsting much time, let’s dig the whole topic right away.


My #1 recommendation Application, that does this task in a simple but efficient manner and doesn’t need any settings, is Google Drive. Remember, we are not talking about individual features like Docs, Google slides or Sheets, NO! I mean the whole Google Drive App. What I like most about Google Drive is, it has free storage space of 15GB, you can use to store whatever you want, from videos, photos, documents etc.

Most Android phones and tablets come with this Application as a default, so if you are an Android user, I am definitely talking about an App that is readily available on your phone. If it happens that your phone doesn’t have this App, simply go to Google Play Store and download it or you can simply download and install it here

After you have installed the App, open it and select the folder you want your scanned documents to be stored. You can store them in your “Google Photos, photos” folders or any other folder you may want. You can also create a new folder.

But how to choose the folder on which I will store the scanned documents? Wait, it’s a very simple procedure, will show you on the following image.

How to use this App

Open the App, and tap on the Plus action button on the bottom right of your mobile screen phone.

Plus button

A new screen dialog will appear, tap on the (1). Scan option on the top row, as in the image below, to begin your scan.

On this same page number (2) option enables you to create a new folder, if you want.

So when you scan your documents, simply press on an individual scanned document to select and then drag it to your newly created Scan folder, this will enable you to access it by a single click in the near future.

Scan or Create a new folder

Clicking on the scan button will open the camera on a new screen, ready to start the scanning as below.

Android scan camera

So you have opened the scanning camera? OK, wait a minute, there are a few things you need to do before you take your first shot of the scan.

  1. Make sure you place the paper on a contrasting background. Thus, if your paper is white, placing it on a black background can help the scanner identifying the edges of your paper easily, this is very important for a nice finish result.
  2. Place your paper on a straight/flat surface to ensure a clear finish and lastly;
  3. Be patient-your first or second attempt may not produce the result you desire. The scanning feature can sometimes clip the edges of the paper and cut other parts off in the process, but don’t worry, this is very common even with any machine. Repeat until you produce the result that impresses you.

You have put in place the best conditions for the best result, isn’t it? You can now proceed and scan your documents. Make sure you Aline well the edges of your document.

There are several options available for you, that you can apply on your document to produce a clear PDF. Lets discuss some important setting you might need to consider below.

Google Drive scan settings

  1. By clicking on this icon setting, you can crop your scanned document. Thus, if the image is too big, you can simply cut off the excess part of the document, leaving you with the most important part.
  2. Color palate-In almost every phone, black and white is the default color of your documents, however, clicking on the color palate setting as in the option (2) above, Google Drive will give the choice of producing; (a) Black and white, (b) None, (c) Color and, (d) color drawing. So you have a wide choice of color to choose from
  3. Clicking on these three dots will open a new page with other very important settings as below;

Google Drive settings

The settings as you can see, are self-explanatory. You can Rename, rotate and delete the scanned document depending on what you want. So let’s forget this simple straightforward thing and click on the “Settings” as on the diagram above. After you click four options will be displayed which you can effect. (a) You can choose the size of your paper eg A4, A5, US Letter etc (b) Image quality-choose whether you want low, High or Normal quality. Image Enhancement– This is also about the color of the document you want, you can choose from Automatic color, Black and white, Color, Color drawing. (d) You can decide to put color enhancement off.

4. Button number 4 is for adding another page to the same PDF, this is a very useful button if you have many pages that need to be scanned and combined together. Don’t forget to make use of that function, it’s awesome.

5. This centered button is the (Retake) option. When you are not satisfied with your ending result, click this button to take another shot and you can always continue doing that until you produce your desired result.

6. Check Mark– You click this button to save and sync your scanned documents, only tap on this button when you are impressed with your result.

This is it, you are done, the process may take edges to explain but after you understand it, you will see that the process won’t take you even a minute, you will have produced an excellent PDF document, ready to be sent anywhere you want.

What makes this App Extra Ordinary

The process is so simple, the most interesting part is, when you hit the “check mark” to save your document, it is automatically saved to Drive. That means you will have no worry about losing the PDF document. Why I am saying this? This is because of the power of saving documents online. The 15GB free storage space is hard to ignore. Very few cloud storage Apps can offer that much storage.

In any case, you missed the article on how important it is to store your data and documents online as well as the best Apps you can use, read this article.

You can access the saved document from any device, as long as the device has Google Drive installed on it. If you are using a computer, don’t worry, you can access your document by using your browser.

On your browser, to access the saved document, just type ““.No hidden tricks, that’s all that needed here.

The synced document can be found even after a long time. When you are logged in to your Google Drive account, if you are not finding your documents, you can find them by search.

But how will I search the document? It’s pretty darn easy. If your document, for example, was about “Cake recipes”, you can enter in keywords related to the document, like cakes, recipes or cakes recipes and the drive will immediately display the applicable results.

That’s all about Google drive Scanner. Did you find it easy to use? If it helped, that’s awesome to hear but if you need another alternative, I have one for you, and this one will definitely impress you. It produces awesome results with fewer functions. It’s a product of Adobe.


One of the top rated Mobile scanner, compatible with Android phones and IOS. If you are not satisfied with the Google Drive Scanner, or maybe it demands technical knowledge, yes, that is very common, but don’t worry, Adobe scan will do the rest.

Adobe Scan App, will, with no doubt, turn your mobile device into a scanner. Unlike Google Drive Scanner, it has no many features but contains all the important features that are needed to produce an awesome digital document with one snap.

With this App, like in other mobile scan Apps, you can scan recipes, receipts, documents, business cards, whiteboards and many more. The scanned and saved documents can also be accessed from any device as long as you have an internet connection.

Have you downloaded the Application already? if not, you can download it here

After you have finished the installation, you will have to sign in or sign up to the Application, this is free. The storage space that comes with your signing up is not clear here. You can take a step further and sign in with Adobe Document cloud on your desktop browser.

How to scan with Adobe Scan?

It’s simple as 1,2,3…(a) Open the App and tap on the camera icon. (b) Aline the camera well with the edges of the document to be scanned. Make sure there is adequate lighting for the automated scan to detect the edges of the document. That’s it, nothing more is needed here, tap the camera and Aline it with the document. The App will shoot the snap on its own. Everything is automated with this App.

To take the next snap, just flip next and Aline, wait for the next snap. It’s a repeated process until all the pages are scanned.

There are few options available after the scan, let’s jump into the options:

Adobe scan

  • Starting from the top center, you can change the default name, “Scan-date), you can change this into any name you want, just tap the small pencil and write the name of your choice.
  • At the bottom left, there is an option to view all the scanned documents
  • The second bottom option from your left is for re-ordering the documents you would have scanned. That is only if you have done more than one page. Press on the page you want to re-order and drag it to where you want it to be.
  • The third option is for cropping. If the document is too large, or maybe you have a section you want to exclude, then, this App has got you covered.
  • The 4th icon is for rotating the document 90 degrees clockwise
  • Now the 5th option allows you to switch from the default auto color to either original photo, Grayscale or whiteboard, depending on the result you want.
  • You can as well delete the document if the result does not impress you
  • Save your document using the Save PDF option at the top right corner

There are so many of these scan Apps, but here we discussed the best two according to our experience, looking also into the easy of use and the features contained.

If you found this helpful, what are you waiting for, share with your friends, using different sharing medias available on the top left of this page. Again if you have any contribution, maybe you have what you think is the best mobile scan App, let me know by your comment on the comments box below

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12 Replies to “2 Amazing methods used to Scan documents with Android Phone for free”

  1. Hello, how are you? What an interesting article. And I have to say that I did not know that Google Drive had the option to scan documents, I always used my phone to scan documents, not only for my personal use but also for some documents that were needed in my work.

    The app that I use is CamScanner, also available in the Play Store of Android, I love that app, I never had problems, but I will definitely try the Google Drive, so I save 39 megabytes of space on my phone, thank you very much !. Greetings.

  2. Thanks! I didn’t know Google Drive could do that kind of thing.  It’s so good to know that you can scan documents in and have them right there for you at all times. So many times, I get things lost and they’re all over the place.  Good to know there’s an app to keep my documents organized like this.  Thank you for the instructions on how to use it too!

  3. Cathy Cavarzan says:

    Your article was so much help… Up until now my phone has been smarter than myself I guess that is why they call them smart phones. I have been trying unsuccessfully to figure out how to scan and save a document for a week now! You just made it look so easy,after trying your steps… it WORKED!! Very pleased thank you

  4. This was interesting! I had an feeling that you could scan documents with your phone but I didn’t know quite how; thanks for explaining it all for me! My question would be this: your site is all about Android phones, but I imagine a lot of these techniques would work for Apple devices too, right? For example, the Google Drive app is available on iPhone too. You also mention that the Abode app is available for IOS too. So can this whole article be applied to Apple devices?

    1. I have been using Google Drive on Android phone, haven’t tried it on IOS yet, but you can use Adobe App. Also read this article if you are using IOS

  5. AnxietyPanda says:

    As someone who is still from the “old era” and used to scanning documents with a machine, I found this article extremely helpful. I am so thankful for the easy to follow and genuinely step-by-step instructions provided in the contents. 

    My horizons have definitely broadened and I am excited to give scanning on my android phone a try! This is the first time I hear of this, but had I heard it elsewhere without explanation, I may have thought the task to sound daunting and difficult and probably would never try it. This article makes it look so easy that I can’t wait to give it a try! 

  6. What a great idea to use Google Drive to store your documents. I have never thought of doing this and now that my iCloud is full you have given me some ideas.

    I love that you get 15gb of storage space, which should be enough for most people.

    The fact that you can save as PDF and also crop makes this look even more appealing. Do you know how much it will cost if you go over 15GB?

  7. For someone who thinks they are quite knowledgeable about these things I am embarrassed to admit I had not even heard of these.  First off do I not only know how to use them but It will literally change many things I do with my business and my personal life.  Thank you so much for writing such an in depth article.

    1. Glad you learn something new, don’t worry it happens, we always learn new things even your area of expertise. This is because technology is changing the way we lives. We are in the Internet Revolution, the sooner you realize it the better

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