Smartphones has evolved and more and more Android phones are being released each and every calendar month. Just recently, Samsung released its latest flagship with an internal storage totaling 128/512GB. A huge amount of storage alright? But there are disadvantages of storing all your files on your microSD card or your phone.

The phone can be stolen or can be damaged, and in that situation, you may lose all your files.

In this guide, I am going to walk you through some of the best free cloud storage Apps for Android in 2018.

There are countless advantages of having your files stored in a cloud server. The stored files does not eat up your mobile device’s storage, you can easily access the stored data from any device as long you are logged in your account. You can easily share your files with your friends. What makes cloud storage unique is that, your privacy and data is safe, unlike in storing your files in hard drives, memory cards etc.

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There are a plethora of cloud storage Apps, but here I am going to explain the best 5 based on security, storage offered and other factors. Some cloud storage Apps have access to your key to decrypt your files stored online. When it comes to cloud storage, end-to-end encryption is very crucial and here I have only listed only cloud Apps with zero knowledge encryption.

Zero knowledge encryption means no one will have access to your files except you.

Google Drive

Google Drive retains its top spot status and surely this is for a very good reason. Google drive comes with many features too good to be ignored.

The App comes with 15GB free cloud storage space, you can access, just by installing the App and signing up. For a basic mobile phone user like me, 15GB is enough to store all my photos, music, videos, documents etc. You can access your Google Drive on your computer by typing “”

However, if you feel the storage is not enough, you can subscribe for more storage space at a fee. You can subscribe for more space and the price is very affordable.

Google drive

Not only you can store files with Google drive, but you can also share them with your friends from any device that is connected to your Google drive.

Unlike some cloud storage Apps, Google Drive can work on Android, IOS and windows. So you can still use Google Drive regardless of your device.

So if you have important photos, videos, documents and anything of value on your Android phone, please, consider a backup of your files to Google Drive to ensure you will not lose them.

Drop Box

If you have an Android phone, then you are not new to Dropbox, you maybe new because you have never used it because you were not aware of how it can be used. From today onward today you will like Dropbox.

Dropbox is one of the best cloud storage you would find out there, packed with good end-to-end encryption so that what ever you store will be accessed by no one except you.

Dropbox has 2GB free storage ready for you after you have finished installing and signing up. The free storage space is small though. You may need to subscribe for more storage space, 1TB costs $9.99/month.

After you have signed up to Dropbox, you can choose to have your files backed up automatically and you can view them from any device signed in to your Dropbox account. You can view, share your good memories videos and photos with your friends with your Android phone or computer from anywhere.


Mega remains one of the best cloud storage in 2018, you get 50GB of free storage, bring it to be the biggest sign on-bonus amongst all the cloud storage Apps services. The files you backup on Mega are protected by end-to-end encryption, therefore you don’t have to worry about the security of the files you backup on Mega.

Mega service has a “see no evil” principle, whereby the company only gives the owner of the files the key to his/her cloud encryption and no one else, even Mega company. You can make changes to the files, or share them with your friends and relatives.

Subscription storage space available ranges from 200GB up to 8TB. With the minimum subscription being 1TB costing $9.99/month and 8TB costing $29.99/MONTH

Mega storageMega is highly encrypted cloud storage app available for devices like Android, windows, Mac, iPad and iPhone. The Application is one of the best to consider when you want to store your confidential information on a cloud server as it offers zero-knowledge encryption.

You can access all your backed up files from any of your devices, your files stay synced to all your devices. Photos, videos and documents are automatically synced to your devices and you can make any changes or share them with your friends.

To use the App on your Android phone;

  • Go to Google Playstore
  • Type and install the App which will appear at the top
  • Open the App icon and create your account if you don’t have (it’s your email and password).
  • Congrats, you are in.

You will have 5GB of free storage on sign up. You can also restrict who can use App by inserting a 4 digit password.

What also make unique is its best offer, for only $8/moth, you can have 2TB of storage space, which is absolutely a good deal of storage.


With over 1 million downloads on Google Playstore, IDrive is a force to be reckoned in file cloud storage space.

IDrive allows you to backup all your files into different devices like Android, Mac, Windows, iPad, iPhone etc using one cloud storage account securely. You can simply enter into your account by entering your account details. There are 3 options when signing up


You can sign up using your Google account, Facebook account or you can manually enter your details. After you sign up, to start using IDrive, you need to verify your email address .

You can choose to turn on automatic backup of your files, you can also decide whether you want auto backup all your files, or only a certain category like photos. Files backed up can be easily accessed from any of your devices and be shared with your friends.

There are 5GB of free storage space, on sign up and you can upgrade 1TB at a cost of $52.12.


This selection list is based on my personal analysis and experience. There are so many of these cloud storage Apps, but, after careful consideration I come up with what I saw as the best 5. My personal advice though is, “Never backup your most sensitive information online no matter what the company what the company of the cloud service promises you.”

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10 Replies to “5 Best free cloud storage apps for android in 2018”

  1. MelanieP72 says:

    Hi Ngonidzashe,

    Thank you for you comprehensive review of Cloud storage apps. I found it quite informative. It is good to know which ones offer the most free storage. With everyone using phones these days for pretty much everything it is important to have a back up. Can I ask which one you use yourself? I would love to hear your thoughts on cloud storage options for PC’s or laptops. I am looking at using a company called Carbonite for my back up. Have you heard of them before? If so what are your thoughts?

    I look forward to hearing back from you.



    1. Glad you found value in it, as of me I has been using Google Drive for quite sometime now, its pretty awesome and the 15GB free storage space is hard to ignore. I like Google Drive also because you can do even more than that. You can scan documents using your own phone, reducing the burden to drive to the nearest town to scan your documents, you can design graphs and many things

  2. Hello, this topic was very helpful I am in school and sometimes I fear that I will lose my paper and who uses USB’s anymore lol? So going through your topic it allowed me to see other ways to save (other than google I think google is tired of me) I normal will email or Facebook something to myself so I will not lose it! Now that I have found these other options I will look into them. Thank you for these helpful tips, not only is it helpful to the world it is also helpful for Students who can not afford things! Much Love 


  3. I totally use my google drive and drop box all the time to store and share photos and documents. I also work on projects via google docs and it is nice to know its backed up.  I have also just recently found out about google photos app which works well to upload your phone images to the cloud once the app is opened. My old phone when it went down I lost a lot of my images so knowing now that I can access them no matter which device I use is great. 

    Drop box I use on a regular basis to share photographs as some files are so large and dropbox has no limit on file size as long as it does not go over your dropbox package size. 

    1. That’s great, it is frustrating to loss photos of your greatest moments I agree with you, glad you are using Google Drive already. DropBox is also great but it has small memory, 2GB as compared to 15GB of Google Drive, but you can always upgrade for more space 

  4. lilchefchic says:

    I know Google drive is an awesome option for backing up pics and just general info I save but I’m still a little concerned with the security as well as what’s being done with the info that I’m saving. Would you happen to know if google uses the info we save for other research purposes? Sometimes all this technology is a little scary. lol Your input would be appreciated!

    1. Google Drive is a very safe cloud storage you can use without any doubt, it has all the security you need. You can read more about Google Drive security here

  5. Great comparison. I have Dropbox. I love it and don’t know what I would do without it. I read the others and some of those sound like they may be better. What do you think? Thanks for the information.

    1. Dropbox is one of the best, though the free storage is only 2GB. I would recommend you to try Google drive which has 15GB of free storage

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