Magnetic Car Mount Holder

Gone are the days you had to drive with your smartphone in your pocket or in your handbag. Its pretty much frustrating answering calls when driving, worse if the phone is far from reach, and what if you are to be seen by the Police answering that call with the phone in your hand?

I was fined several times by law enforcement agents for using a phone while driving in the past, I am sure this is an offense the world over. But there is a simple remedy to this. In this guide, I am going to be walking you through how Magnetic Car Mount Holder can be of great use in such situations.

Without further ado, let’s jump into the topic, and  discuss 5 best car mount holders you can find in 2018

Nite Ize Steelie

One of the best solution in phoning mount. It reserved its top spot mainly because of its simplicity and the magnetic power. Steelie Dash mount kit is a ball and socket mounting system and the Steelie socket center contains silicone that helps hold the two together and at the same time providing smooth and perfect grip. This allows you to rotate your smartphone without any effort

Nite Ize Steelie mount comes with a removable 3M VHB adhesive that can sticky anywhere on your dashboard seamlessly. It has an impressively powerful magnet that can hold any big smartphone. So, even in very bumpy roads and sharp turns, you don’t have to worry about your phone falling. It has a very small footprint, so it doesn’t need much space of your dashboard.

What makes this mount outstanding is its compatibility with different types of mobile phones like iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Google Pixel etc. The ball and socket feature makes it easy to tilt the phone to any angle of your choice ( from portrait to landscape) without effort.

The strong magnet has no effect on your phone, only make sure there are no magnetically sensitive items around the Steelie mount.

VIVA Magnetic Phone Mount

VIVA Magnetic Phone Mount adheres to any surface of your dashboard, included is an adjustable pad and the surface of the pad is reasonably small, it doesn’t cover a large back surface of your phone but is perfectly firm. Can hold in position any size of phone or tablet.

VIVA magnetic mount has 360 degrees rotation capability, enabling you to place your phone anywhere on your dashboard, you can just tilt your phone to any angle of your preference with one hand.

No much power is needed in removing your phone, you can do it even with one hand while the other is behind the wheel, and the same applies when you are putting it back. Very simple to use.

It is also compatible with most phone brands like iPhone 8, 8 Plus, Galaxy phones, Huawei, HTC, LG, iPhone X, and many others. At $16 on Amazon, it’s a very good value for money. It has a very strong magnetic field that can hold any phone in position even in very bumpy roads, potholes and in sharp turns.

After you receive you VIVA Magnetic Phone Holder, you will have to read instruction accompanying the mount.

  • Clean well the area where you want to place it on the dashboard, there mustn’t be any dust and must be dry
  • Place and hold the magnetic phone holder for some minutes
  • Now you will have to wait for at least 24 hours before using it
  • You are done, you can use it thereafter without any worry

WIZGEAR Universal Air Vent Mount

This is one of the best top rated magnetic mount holders you can find in 2018. It’s a universal Air Vent mount compatible with most air vent styles. Produces a very powerful force of attraction that can hold any phone against gravity.

The good side of WIZGEAR Universal Air Vent Mount is, it works on smartphones like iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Microsoft devices. The mount is adjustable to any angle of your preference. Phone can be rotated from portrait to landscape, while the base of the mount remains fixed.

The WIZGEAR mount has a very aggressive magnetic attraction that can hold any phone. The design is exceptional, has a surface that can perfectly fit onto any phone out there. At $7 it is a good value for money.

You can easily remove it from one car to the other without any scratch or damage to your air vent or dashboard.

If you find that your phone isn’t sticking well to the magnetic mount, make sure you properly Aline the magnet in your phone’s case well with the mount as the magnet is not much big, powerful though.

Maxboost 2-pack

Maxboost 2-pack mounts can fit on different styles of air vents. This type is favored for it comes in pairs of 2, so if you are two in your car, Maxboost has got you covered. Each pair comes with a circular as well as the rectangular magnetic plate. No need for adhesive on your dashboard or windscreen.

The maxboost mount is highly flexible, allows all angles rotation, this allows you to place your smartphone anywhere on the air vent, and tilt it according to will. Comes with a 12-month warranty.

It has a rubberized surface that provides extra much-needed grip. The rubberized-dual claw can fit in most cars and the rubber live no scratch on your air vent.

To start using Maxboost mount;

  • Firstly remove the cover of your smartphone
  • Remove the sticky tape from the magnet, choose between the circular or rectangular plate
  • Stick the plate inside your phone’s case, avoid putting on your phone
  • Put back the cover
  • On your vent, find your preferred position to clip magnet mount
  • Finish by placing your phone onto the mount, you are done, no waiting.

Mpow Suction Pad Mount

This is still one of the best magnetic mounts in 2018. Depending on your country’s laws, some may discourage the use of Mpow Suction Pad Mount on the basis that it can block your screen view. This is however totally not true with this mount, as it has a small footprint, enabling it to occupy as small as possible of space on the windshield.

The long arm of Mpow Suction Mount, allow easy adjustment so as not to block your view.

Comes with a pair of large and small plate and can be removed from the screen without living any residue or damaging the screen.$10 at Amazon


For safe navigation of maps, answering calls, Magnetic Car Mount Holders are the way to go. Which one is your best? We have the greater part of the job for you, it is now up to you, to choose the best out of these 5. My #1 recommendation is the VIVA Magnetic Phone Mount. Would like to hear your opinion on this review and if you have any question, feel free to ask any question and I will be more than happy to help you out.

He likes to play with the latest phones, gaming consoles, PCs, laptops and when he gets some spare time he likes to do VFX stuff. You can always find him playing with tools like Photoshop, Lightroom, Premiere Pro, After Effects, etc. His current gear is Galaxy Note 9+. He is a well-established website developer and entrepreneur.

47 Replies to “5 Best Magnetic Car Mount Holder compatible with all smartphones”

  1. mark kabakov says:

    This topic will help everyone who needs to choose a magnetic holder for a smartphone. 

    It’s necessary that the screen is always in front of the eyes and does not interfere with driving the car.

    The criteria for choosing the best holder are the place of attachment (air duct, windshield, torpedo), construction quality and fixing strength, ease of installation and removal of a mobile device, fixing reliability, dimensional versatility, compactness, and, of course, appearance.

    The author in his topic took into account these signs and user reviews. 

    He gave us choices and recommendations for the top five magnetic holders. Thanks to the author for this work. Mark

  2. I live in a place that doesn’t have a lot of choices for phone mounts.  I’ve been searching online to see what my options are.

    The reviews you provided are promising.  The ancient phone mounts that never suctioned right has always been an issue.  

    I have the enormous Samsung Galaxy Note 9 now.  I love the phone but, I think I made a poor choice getting the Evo-wallet case & tempered glass protector.  It’s awkward to hold and pretty large even for my SUV’s console.  While I was reading your article I discovered the answer to the question “will I have to remove my phone from the case.”  Apparently, yes.

    My question to you, do all mounts require you to remove your case?  Are there any mounts that are as cool as these that will accommodate my giant phone choice without removing the cover.  It’s not a question of laziness it’s the issue of how difficult it is to remove my phone from it’s protective case.  Maybe I should have bought another Otter case.  It wasn’t a breeze getting my old Note 5 out of it but, considerably less of a hassle. 

    I love my phone but, I think I need help from an accessory guru like you! Thank you in advance for any help you may provide!

  3. Brilliant post!

    I have a normal mount holder for my phone in my car but now I’m so curious to try one of these and I think even my bff will be so happy if a give her a magnet car mount holder as a gift.

    Thanks for sharing this informative post I’m definitely buying one of the first two options 😀

    1. You are welcome Mariem, will really appreciate if you will share your first impression here when you buy them 🙂

  4. Pretty difficult to choose a favourite mobile phone holder here! As I read through them they all became my favourite haha!

    But I am loving the Max Boost 2 pack! When he is driving he likes to use mine for navigation to keep his free to receive any urgent telephone calls and also with having the 2 pack means that one phone can be used for navigation while the other can be used for music, so there you have it. I love the max Boost pair!

  5. Got a Maxboost 2 pack a month ago for my girlfriend and I.  I have previously used them before.  The one I used before this one would always fall off whenever I went over a bump.

    However, I have found these ones by Maxboost to be more sturdy.  I constantly use mine for my iPhone when I am using my GPS.  So much better than trying to hold it in my hand while looking at my phone!  Hasn’t fell off one time in 1 month!

  6. These all look fantastic, thanks for sharing! 

    I have never used a magnetic phone car mount before but I think in today’s world it should be a must even just for safety reasons. I have a plastic case on my phone will these types of phone holders still work with a case? Also so you prefer the vent or dashboard holders?  I think in my car the vent ones will be at a better angle.

  7. I’ve been meaning to buy a car mount for my phone, as I’m not happy with my car’s sat nav system and much prefer Google Maps on my phone. So rather than have my phone sliding around the dashboard area, one of these would be fantastic. I was impressed with the one my brother had, so I will have to check to see if it is one of the ones you have reviewed. 

  8. Beauty In A Maze says:

    Woah! Where has this been all my life! I’m constantly driving in areas of the city (New York) and I’ve avoided buying any kind of smartphone mount because the ones I’ve seen are always the ones you have to connect to lighter outlet (shockingly, my car doesn’t have one) and I’ve always wondered if there were any that didn’t have a cord. Then again, I suppose I was looking for the wrong thing. Instead of asking where the mounts were, I kept asking for a car kit that would sit my phone up so I could avoid looking down as much as possible.

  9. Hello there. Season’s greetings to you. Thank you for sharing this post of 5 best magnetic car mount holder compatible with all smart phones. Magnetic car mount holders are so important while driving. They help hold our phones intact. I also prefer the Viva Magnetic phone Mount. It’s beautiful and has all the features I need.

  10. I like these, especially the viva magnetic mount.

    What I don’t understand, how can a magnet hold a plastic phone? Also I am worried about placing a smartphone directly on top of a  magnet.

    You say the magnet doesn’t influence the phone though and if it would be bad for the electronic these gadgets would not be sold.

    Does one need a special phone case to use a magnetic smartphone holder?

  11. jessie palaypay says:

    I am using a mount holder for my phone in my car but it is not a magnetic one. It is one of those phone mounts that holds the phone with two grips on the sides. 

    I am curious to know your opinion on if these magnetic mounts that you have recommended here are more effective than the one I currently have.

    1. Hi Jessie,the magnetic car mounts holders have the advantage of positioning on your dashboard and 360 degrees rotation, which means you can position your phone at any angle. But there are some non-magnetic car mount holders that are also impressive. So if you are still certified with your, its still good  

  12. You’ve really given me some great options to consider.  The shops in my area don’t offer much of a selection, so I’ll be looking online for a holder.  Sometimes it’s really difficult to know what you’re looking at, and choose the best product.  With your information, I don’t need to worry.  I really like the looks of the Mpow.  I like that I could adjust it in several different directions.  However, I’m not sure about using something that attaches to my windshield.  I think I’m going to take your advice and go with the Viva.  

  13. Thank you for sharing, i didn’t know most of these articles, a few years ago I bought a version of the Mpow, that i used for long time, but what really caught my attention was the viva one, i never used this kind of magnet on my car, but looks very good, interesting, i think it deserves a look. 

  14. julienne murekatete says:

    Thank you for your informative review.Car mounts are extremely important as they keep your phone handy and you can use it even while driving which is not allowed especially by the police.I saw car amount for the first time in my brother’s car and i was so surprised when he started saying hello,…while his phone was far from him and i found it magic.

    Technology is growing so fast .

  15. Hi there!

    I am actually the tru fan of the magnetic car holder. It makes life easier when you don’t have to pull your phone out of the holder while driving and you don’t have to push your phone in it, if you have the humongous phone like I have lol.

    I have a similar product like Wizgear, its the best one so far, i don’t have to keep changing the position. However have you every experienced that if you are driving on a bumpy road it tends to pop out sometimes? Maybe my phone is too big and heavy hmmm.

    Anyway pro the magnetic holder all the way!

    Great product reviews.


    1. Hi Nuttanee, I am using the VIVA Magnetic Car mount with my Galaxy S9+, even in bumpy roads, it won’t move . It musn’t move in whatever the situation

  16. Olonisakin Kehinde says:

    car mounts are extremely important,  it keeps your phone handy and within range.  I love the latest in the world of phones and computers,  your review about phoneoubts us highly informative. Though I’m not in need of one now,  buy I can easily refer to your post when the need be.  And I’ll easily refer my friends who might need classic mounts for their character. 

    Thank you a bunch. 

  17. Those first two options are really beautifully designed as well. Not like the big and bulky phone holders you used to have that are really an eye sore. I like the dasboard mounted ones, seems more secure. 

    I used to have an air vent one and on bumpy roads it would come off. Don’t get me started on when the temperature on the car went up. Not to mention that I couldn’t get my iPhone 8+ to fit in it. So I had to get a new phone holder when I switched from my iPhone 5.

    So I will be looking into your fist 2 options.

  18. Thank you for your informative review.  I need a car mount for my cell phone, and your review has given me several to investigate. 

    I like to actually see them before I make a purchase, so I will take a look at all that I can find from your review.  I haven’t looked at them recently, so I will be especially looking for the vent-type mounts, which can easily be moved from one vehicle to another.

    Thank you again for an excellent review.

    Best wishes,


  19. Nicole Stiles says:

    I don’t currently have a phone mount but I really should look into getting one. Thanks for these great reviews. The Viva one looks like a good option. It’s ascetically appealing and I like the rotation ability. I also like that not a lot of power is needed to remove it or place it on. That drives me mental with the gps mount; I have to use two hands.

  20. Hi, Ngonidzashe. I loved this review. Since I’ve changed cars I’ve not used my phone in the car. I have used car mounts with varying levels of success but I was never happy with any of them. They all had their downsides. Now that I have read your post, I’m very interested in the dash mag mount type. I’ve just bought the Vava via your link. Cheers, Paul.

  21. Sujandar Mahesan says:

    I always had problems with buying these magnetic car mount holders because most of them wear off soon or they just don’t hold my phone properly. But these ones on this page looks great. I’m going to try one of them and hopefully they stay much longer than the ones I have tried already. Thank you shortlisting these 5 and sharing it with us.

  22. Florence Ki says:

    wow… I’ve been using the conventional car mount holder and it often drop especially when I made a turn. Never thought there is such thing as magnetic car mount holder. But one thing I am quite concern is whether this mounting works on handphone with cover? I’ve a velvet phone cover and is it suitable to be used with this too?

    1. All the 5 types of mounts I listed works quite with different types of smartphones Florence. I am sure it works really well with velvet covers

  23. VIVA Magnetic Phone Mount does an impressive job for costing only 16 USD. This magnetic mount is strong and small enough to fit anywhere you can think of, not just on top of the dash. Great quality and good-looking too. There are several colors to choose from. Have used it for about 3 months and I wish I hadn’t waited so long to get one.

  24. Hi Ngonidzashe,

    Thanks for sharing this information too!

    I still have one of those suction phone holders to the screen and it has started to fall off all the time. So this is actually something that I really need to get!!

    I’ll get onto the Viva Magnetic Phone Mount very soon, it looks really graet so thanks for the recommendation.


  25. Recently I bought a cheap magnetic car holder that being sell in the supermarkets, I regretted it as soon as I installed it in my car, it fell at every little bump that was on the rode and also in turns and roundabout.

    I’m not doing this mistake again, I think I’ll go for the Nite Ize Steelie this time, it looks very elegant and I like the fact that you can tilt it to any angle of choice.


    1. That’s very sad to hear that, it’s always advisable to research well about the product before you buy to avoid some disappointments.Nite Ize Steelie is one the best Magnetic mount you can find on the market right now

  26. Just recently bought a new Mazda 6, my old Mazda 3 had a mount that went on the vent but that same mount wouldnt fit in the new car. As of now I’m leaning more towards the mount that goes on the windshield rather than on the dash or the vent. 

    Hopefully I wont have to worry about if the suction on the window will last.

  27. Huh! What a great idea!  My husband is always dropping his phone as he rests it on his steering wheel while we talk during our lunch breaks.  Since Christmas is coming up very soon, you might have just given me an idea 🙂  It’s also a whole lot safer than having earbuds in your ears while driving.  Gone are those days!  This will save some people a lot of money in certain areas where a lot of police officers will indeed fine you quickly for holding your phone.  It is a safety liability though so I think having your phone securely held with either of these products is a pretty slick idea!

    Thank you for the thoughtful reviews. 

  28. I like the VIVA mount as well.  The ball mounts never seem to grab my attention as something I want on my dash.  At $16 that is pretty cheap and even if I needed to try a few, I would never break the bank.

    I however don’t need one because my car takes care of that.  I did have one in may old car and it was a bit big and bulky

  29. Shubhangi says:

    Hey there,

    Magnetic Car Mount Holders, no doubt very useful but I doubt if the magnet drain the cell battery?  As rapidly changing fluctuating magnetic field interfere with certain components of the cell phone.

    Steelie Dash mount seems to be quite good, allows the smartphone to rotatate.  . Can you pl explain what it means Phone can be rotated from portrait to landscape, while the base of the mount remains fixed.?


  30. what will they think of next. I think that these holders are pretty amazing and of great benefit because it can make life so easy especially as we are driving. Being able to drive while talking as our phone is in the holder is pretty cool. I believe that a tool like this for your phone will get the attention of so many people with this type phone.

  31. Android Car holder is a very helpful to any person specially those who have cars. you can answer call without holding your mobile on your ear. you can also watch videos, photos and others to make it convenient for all car mount user. but i think viva is good than any other car mount

  32. Thanks for sharing. I am partial to the Viva Magnetic Phone Mount. It is very discreet yet powerful, as it can hold a phone or tablet. I use a Samsung, Galaxy, so it fits perfectly with the Viva. being able to lift off and place the phone back on the holder without much effort, yet without sacrificing magnet strength, make the Viva a compelling prospect. It’s a truly trouble-free device.


    1. You are welcome

      Yes Viva is one of the best choices out there, when it comes to Magnetic Car Mount. Very powerful magnet, fit to different phone brands and has a small footprint, just superb 

  33. I don’t have a sat nav in my car so I have always struggled with phone holders in the car because the phone battery drains while using in the car and it will be great to charge while in use.

    The holders offer me the both use. I will be ordering a phone holder as a trial and hopefully it works. Thank you

  34. I think the Viva looks the best and is the least intrusive. I did have a couple questions though: how is the viva attached to the dashboard? with suction or sticky material? Also was wondering if the magnet would affect the phone in any way? Thanks in advance for any more info that you can provide…thanks

  35. I was actually going to buy one of these magnetic car mount holders that I came across your post. For me, the main problem is that I don’t use my car GPS. Instead, I always use my phone GPS because I have more freedom in using different applications and I can send and receive different locations easily with my phone. That is why I was searching to buy a magnetic car mount holder. Thanks.

  36. Magnetic phone holder wow, I have to say I have never thought of it but it seems quite logical. The only thing I kinda worry about is the magnetic vibrations as I have heard not to carry credit card with my phone. I like the one that attaches to dashboard more as I had experience in the past of these airvents accesories scratching the plastiv of the car.

    Do you think that the magnet might cause some distruption for the phone?

    Thank you for the great recommendations

    1.  The Magnetic Mounts does not have any negative effect to the phone in anywhere neither it will damage your phone.  Only make sure there are no magnetically sensitive around your mount and you are good to go 

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