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The use of messaging apps has been a vital means of communication over the past years. With the advent of modern-day technology, we have seen the use of video calling, emailing, etc. But the use of messages has seen an ever-increasing and acceptance, due to its reliability and affordability. But what’s the most accepted Android messaging App globally? Today lets discuss the best messaging Apps for Android phones in 2018.

The answer to this question is varied, mainly because each region has its favorite messaging Application. In this guide, however, the Application was ranked according to its usage globally, ease of use, security, and the probability of meeting your friends and relative using the same App.


The growth of Whatsapp has taken many by surprise. When CEO Mark Zuckerberg bought Whatsapp messaging App in 2014, it had 450 monthly users’ and 315 million people were using the App on a daily basis, pretty a good user base I can say, isn’t it?

In July 2017, 3 years down the line, Whatsapp statistics reported that it had reached 1,3 billion users’ and in December 2017 the messaging App had reached 1,5 billion users’.

Whatapp usage

This is quite a stunning growth. Bought the messaging App for 19 billion dollars, this was definitely an excellent investment for Mark Zuckerberg. Not only was it a good financial investment but remember Whatsapp main rivalry messaging App was Facebook, so taking over its ownership meant that the two App was no longer much of rivalries since Mark Zuckerberg now owns both Apps. That was a well-calculated move.

Whatsapp popularity is increasing with each calendar year. In the UK, in December 2017 alone, Whatsapp reported that 75 billion messages were sent across different devices and out of that total, 13 million were photos and 5 million were videos. Whatsapp statistics also show that about 85% of Android phones in the UK had Whatsapp installed on them and 56% used it daily.

Why Whatsapp is popular

The main reason behind the popularity of Whatsapp is mainly based on 3 pillars;

Security– Whatsapp is secured with end-to-end encryption. This means all your messages, calls updates and status are secured with a special lock. When you type a message and hit send button, it’s only you and the recipient who can view this message alone, not even Whatsapp administration can access it. It’s only you and the recipient who have the unlocking key. So considering the importance of privacy and data sent and received every minute through messaging Apps, it was so easy for the App to gain popularity.

Affordability-One of the major consideration by many people when choosing a messaging App is the cost in using it and Whatsapp considers that as a top priority. With just $1 to $3, in my country, you can message with the App for a solid month depending on how much you use it.

Simple to use– Whatsapp is the simplest App you can find out there. There is absolutely no technical knowledge you need to start using Whatsapp. Once you installed it from Google Play store, that’s all, all cell phone contacts in your phone which are using Whatsapp will reflect and if you click the contacts from your Whatsapp, a page which you can type your messages will appear.

Updates- Whatsapp regularly receives updates and this is very vital to keep up with security and better Performance which many messenger App users’ look for. Also, each new update comes with new features, so Whatsapp users are discovering new world regularly.

How to download Whatsapp

  • Go to Google Play Store>>search for “Whatsapp>>download and install the application at the top

Facebook MessengerFacebook Messanger

If you are a Facebook user, you probably know the App. Facebook Messenger is integrated to Facebook and in signing up you have to use the same details you use when signing up to Facebook.

Facebook Messenger is a great App, it operates almost in the same way Whatsapp operates, only that Facebook Messenger is not an Independent App but a product of Facebook.

Facebook Messenger has wealth features like voice and video calling, You can also set charts heads to float on your screen whenever a message is received, that is very convenient. You can also create group chats the same way you create one on Whatsapp and the group can hold up to 250 members.

The only issue with this App is you can only chat with friends who are on Facebook, this might not be a surprise as many messaging up works in the same way.

The App can be downloaded on Google Play Store for free


WeChat was developed in 2011 in China and has become a very popular massaging App in China and many countries in the world. WeChat statistics show that about 700 million Chinese use WeChat. This is available on both Android and IOS.

With WeChat, you can do almost everything that Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger can do. From instant messaging, video calling etc. Hundreds of millions of people are installing the App every day and it has emerged a big competitor to Messaging Apps like Whatsapp and Viber.

The good thing about WeChat is its available on all platforms like Android, IOS and Blackberry. When adding your contacts, the App operates in its own way different from other messaging Apps. You can do it in three ways;

  • By syncing your contacts to WeChat
  • Sharing your WeChat ID with your friends and relatives
  • Scan QR code to add to WeChat
  • You can also shake your phone after selecting the shake option, here your friend or whoever wants to connect with you have to shake his/hers at the same time with you to connect.

Look Around-This is a WeChat option that allows you to be seen by your nearby friends, only if your friends are also looking around.

Moments- This is an option that enables you to share your photos by simply pressing the camera button on your phone screen.


One of the best Apps to consider. Very simple user interface. Viber is available and ready to download and install on Google Play Store. For login in you can use your mobile number.

It has so many features you can use, to find your friends who are already on Viber, you can sync your contacts, and all your contacts using Viber will appear.

Like any other Messaging App, you can send instant messaging to friends using Viber for free, photos, videos, emotions etc. Have an option to call non-Viber cell numbers and even landline numbers, but for a charge.

To secure users’ privacy, Viber secures messages with end-to-end encryption, so you will not have to worry much about your privacy.

TelegramTelegram settings

Telegram remains one of the best messaging App in 2018. Developed by Russian brothers Nikolai and Pavel Durov in 2013. The App has attracted a considerable number of users. Within 30 days, from 22 February to 22 March 2018 alone, Telegram was used by 200 000 000 people.

The App has a simple user interface accompanied by a number of features. You can create groups to chat with like-minded people or family members. There is also an option to create a Channel which is also like a group, its used to broadcast message to an unlimited number of people. You can set a Channel to be joined by the public or make it private where members only join through a link.

Destruct option when enabled, automatically deletes a message after the recipient view it. This feature is aimed at destroying sensitive data.

Telegram is compatible with all platforms like Android, IOS, Linux, macOS, and windows.

The gruesome issue with Telegram is on end-to-end encryption of messages. By default, there is no-end-to-end encryption on Telegram, so you have to manually enable end-to-end encryption through settings. The bigger question is why Telegram developers do not make end-to-end encryption enabled by default. Your answer is good as mine.

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9 Replies to “5 best massenger Apps for Android, number 1 will shock you.”

  1. I have an Android phone and I use WhatsApp to message with my friend who uses Apple and prefers not to use her messaging rates.  I have not heard of the other apps.  I did not see any benefit in changing to some of the other apps from WhatsApp.

    Telegram sounds like an interesting app.  The end-to-end encryption should be enabled or what’s the point of using it.  Any message between two people should be seen as sensitive even if it’s a discussion of the weather.

    1. Yes telegram is a great app, but I wonder if many people who are using it are aware of the end-to end encryption issue. If its not enabled that mean your message will be saved in Telegram in servers dotted across the Globe. These are not supposed to be saved in their servers, end-to-end encryption enables message to be stored only on your phone and the person whom you send message to. 

      Its always advisable end-to-end encryption before sending also message to anyone. You can also read on how google is tracking you and how you can block that 

  2. Shelley Ann says:

    I really hadn’t thought about this, of course, WhatsApp! I use it all the time, and it’s nice to know it is a secure app too! (bought by Mark Zuckerburg – no wonder it is doing well now). Thank you for sharing your expertise here, and should I join some of the others – I will certainly be coming back to your website. Great information on the best messaging apps! 

    1. You are welcome, can bookmark this website so that it will be easy to find it next time

  3. Brandon Pierce says:

    I must confess that I was shocked, like you said in the title.  I would have totally expected to see Facebook’s messenger up there, although there are a lot of things about it that get on my nerves.  I will try out the #1 and see what it’s all about.  Maybe I’ve been living under a rock, but I had never heard of it.  Always open to alternatives outside the big dogs that are constantly trying to take over our entire existence.  Appreciate the list.

  4. This is quite an interesting read, as I am An android user. I am not surprised Wassap is ranked number one on your list, it deservrs it. I must also agree with you on it’s security thightness, which I believe contributrs to the reason it’s so effective and widely used by a lot of people. It is also my main messaging app because I believe my messages are save while using it. I sometimes use facebook messenger too but mainly because some family members and friends preffer it and I need to keep intouch with them. As for the other 3, I am just learning about them for the first time. I guess they are great, but I will stick to the ones I am most comfortable with. Thanks for this informative post..

    1. Whatsapp is great App indeed, I like its frequent updates, security and there is always a new feature that comes with each update, I can’t imagine a life without Whatsapp   

  5. You know the moment I saw your title I was thinking that if the number 1 isn’t Whatsapp I’d flip my table 😛

    Low and behold it is exactly Whatsapp haha

    Being a long time android user, The only App that I’ve not used is Telegram, but I think that’s because it’s fairly new. That said, I do think Telegram is pretty cool, like its for spies to communicate with each other with secret information or something.

    1. Yaa Telegram has been used by many people who wants high secuty messenger. Its one of few Apps with good ecurity but you must, of course, manually enable it 

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