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Transferring files have never been easy, especially transferring a huge chunk of data from phone to phone, phone to PC or from phone to tablet. Considering the large amounts of data that can be stored on mobile phones nowadays, it remains a big question how these files can be transferred to another device in case where you have acquired a new device or maybe you want to move them to your PC.

In this guide, I am going to be walking you through 7 best file sharing Apps for Android devices. There are in fact many of these apps, available on the marketplace, but in this guideline, I have just chosen what I think are the best, based on their usage, downloads, and fastness in transferring large files of data.

Back in the old days, Bluetooth was the major file transfer app. You could take hours transferring a file less than 1GB, that was really a hurdle, isn’t it? Just imagine how much time you would need to transfer 10GB of videos and photos from your phone to another mobile device, it was nearly impossible.

Thanks to the innovation of fast and efficient files sharing Applications, you can now share or transfer your files in seconds just by one or two clicks. Without further ado, let’s jump into the topic.


SHAREit has undoubtedly established itself as the best files sharing App, with above 500million download, it is the best offline file transfer App. You can transfer any file, from documents, Apps, photos, music, videos etc. I have been using the app myself, for the past 3years and it’s my # 1 recommendation.

So how does SHAREit app work?


Sharing or transferring files with SHAREit is very simple;

  • Assuming you have already downloaded the Application if you haven’t downloaded it proceeds to the play store and download it.
  • Open the Application on your mobile device, by clicking on the icon.
  • Select the files you want to share, whether its Apps, videos, documents, music or photos. There is absolutely no limit to the number of files you can send. You can send any quantity without any extra cost.
  • You have now selected the files, right? Proceed and search icon of the person you want to share with, it will appear after you hit the “Send” button.
  • Your friend or the device you want to send the file must be near you. Also, tell your friend to open the SHAREit App on his/her mobile phone’s screen and click on “Receive
  • Done! that’s it and your files will be sent in a matter of seconds.

Using this App, you can send your files at 200% faster speed than Bluetooth. There is no internet connection needed.

SHAREit is highly rated by Google Play store, rated 4.5/5, shooting it to number one over all it’s rivals.

There has been a strong criticism on the new update though. Many SHAREit users are heavily criticizing the inclusion of YouTube videos and Ads on the latest update. The new update also is requesting users to include their location, which in the eyes of the users is unnecessary demand for their personal data.

But Overall, the SHAREit App remains at the top spot.

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Very fast and convenient App to transfer multiple files, individual files, and even folders instantly without any limitation. Portal-wifi file transfer Application uses WIFI direct network so you don’t have to be on the same network with the one you are sharing the files with.



The process here is quite simple and straightforward. You want to transfer files from your computer to your Android phone. First thing first:

  • Go to Google PlayStore
  • Download the Portal-WIFI file transfer App
  • On your PC, and on your browser, type “portal.pushbullet.com and the screen below will appear


Scan the QR code on your PC by clicking the scan button on Portal Application on your phone.

  • You are done! All the files you would have selected will be transferred to your phone in an instant

Many files sharing applications require a PC side software in order to transfer files to PC, this is contrary to Portal where there is no need for all that. The PC side software is looked after with the Web interface. Files shared can be stored to microSD card on your mobile phone, this is only possible for devices that have Android Lollipop OS and above.


With over 100million downloads, Xender reserves its top spot on the top 7 best files sharing apps for Android. Xender is widely accepted and used all over the world. Allows the transfer of documents, photos, videos or even Apps from one device to another. You can transfer individual and multiple files at a speed 50 times faster than Bluetooth.


How does Xender work?

  • Download the Xender Application from the Play Store
  • Open the App on your phone’s screen
  • You will be asked to set up your profile, create your profile and click next
  • Now you will see many options displayed on the App screen, don’t bother about any of them, here we are mainly concerned about transferring your files so click on “Connect phone
  • On the following screen, there is an option to join or create a sharing group, tap on “Create Group
  • After creating a sharing group, a sharing link must be created and displayed on the screen.
  • Open the Xender App on the phone you want to send files with and a link created from the receiving device will be shown.
  • Now, tap on any file you wish to transfer, shake your device and Bam!
  • You are Done 🙂

No special connection is required to use the Xender App, as in the previous Apps. It transfers files using a Wi-Fi hotspot created by the mobile phone. Your friends can then join this Wi-Fi hotspot in order to share data. So there is absolutely no data to be consumed here, feel relaxed.

Xender doesn’t limit the size of files or the number of individual files you have to transfer. You can transfer any amount of data at faster speeds. The technique employed here is much similar to that of SHAREit, but the difference lies in speed. SHAREit uses high frequency than Xender, that’s why SHAREit is much faster than Xender.

What also makes Xender unique is its capability to share files across platforms, between IOS, Android, Windows etc. The user interface is outstanding, users can use their own images to set profiles and can also name their devices for easy identification by their friends. There is also an option of backing up or transferring contacts from your other device.


Superbeam is one of the best file sharing App to find its spot in our top 7 list. You can use the Superbeam App to share your files at super fast speeds, transferring of data is done through wifi direct or over wifi.

First thing is to make sure both devices have the Superbeam Application installed and running, next, select the files you want to send, whether its photos, videos, contacts or documents and tap on the blue arrow to send. In the next window, you will be asked if the receiving mobile phone is on the same network as the sender. If they are not on the same network, then a WIFI direct network is established.

Three options are available when transferring your files, you can choose to send via NFC, this is where you hold the two phones back-to-back and then press the screen of the sending phone. The second alternative is to send the files using the QR code scan, here you will need to scan the QR code. This is enhanced by the use of Superbeam scanner, just scan the QR code on the mobile phone which is sending the files. You can also choose to insert a key in order to receive the files.




  • Great speed of files using WIFI direct
  • Can pair two sharing devices using NFC or QR code
  • Can send unlimited multiple files at the same time
  • The color of the App can be changed according to your choice (Amoled, Light or dark)


AirDroid remains one of the best file sharing App, with over 10 million downloads on Google Play store. The App is free, no costs attached.

Using AirDroid, you can access your mobile phone from your desktop or laptop wirelessly. Files can be sent from mobile device to PC or vice-visa, at faster speeds. With AirDroid, its easy to manage your Android Phone, you can do tasks like sending messages through messaging Apps like WeChat, WhatsApp etc. You can also send SMS.

AirDroid works almost in the same way as in plugging in your mobile phone to PC.

The procedure is simple to transfer files by AirDroid is as below:


  • Go to Play Store and install AirDroid on your Android phone
  • Proceed to your favorite browser on your desktop and enter “https://web.airdroid.com/”
  • A screen will appear where you should sign in to the same network on your Android phone
  • On your Android Phone, open the App and click on “My device“.
  • Tap on “Me” right at the bottom left corner.
  • Click on sign in and refresh


Now you access all your messages and contacts on your screen. When transferring your files, its just a matter of dragging and dropping your files on the folders left of your screen.



Zapya is undoubtedly one of the best file sharing App out there. It has some of the best features and the UI is the best. You are not limited on the number of files you have to send using Zapya. Meaning you can send multiple files like videos, photos, documents and many more without any problem. This is absolutely a free App readily available for download on the Google play store.

One thing I like most about Zapya is, you can send your files across platform, meaning you are not restricted to send files to Android and PC only, but you can also share your files with IOS.

You can also connect with up to 4 devices and share your files with a group of people.

With over 10 million downloads, Zapya remains a great App you may need consider.

So what is the procedure in using Zapya?

  • On phone “A”, the sending phone, tap on the circle right at the corner of the file that needs to be sent, to create a check mark
  • Select all files you need to send in that manner and then click on send to generate a QR code.
  • A screen with QR code will be shown on the screen
  • Now on phone “B”, the receiving phone, open the Zapya App and click on the scan button at the top right of your mobile screen.
  • Align phone B with the QR code to connect the two
  • That’s all, you are done.

7)Send Anywhere

Send Anywhere App allows you to send multiple files through wifi direct. It enables you to send files of any size. It has a cloud storage system where the files can be downloaded to the web and you can then upload them and send them to any of your devices. So storing your files online is a unique feature that mustn’t be underrated. This will mean all your files will be secure even if your device is damaged or stolen.

Basically there are two ways you can send your files. You can scan for the QR code which is provided with Application or you can choose to insert a 6 digit key to confirm your link to the sending device.Send Anywhere

What do you think? Was this list helpful to you or maybe you feel there is another great App that misses its spot on the list? Please share your views on the comment box below.

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  1. I just recently purchased a android so this is very relatable and helpful to my situation your amazing bro!! Thanks so much

  2. Thanks for sharing this great information
    I want to send some of my music to a friend so will go check a couple of these apps to which one will do this job for me

    1. You are welcome. deciding on which file sharing App to send music to your friend will now depend on whether your friend will be near you or not. There Apps that can only send to mobile phones that are near you only and others can send to a distant friend. So you have to choose according to what suit you most

  3. Karin Nauber says:

    I have used Shareit in the past and liked it. Some of these other ones I had not heard of and I would like to try some of them to see how well they work. I take a lot of photos on my phone and without a convenient way to send them to my computer so I can save them on a disk will be very helpful!
    Best wishes.

  4. The app I am most familiar with from the above apps is Xender. But recently, I have been finding myself around people who mostly use Shareit as their sharing app.

    Thanks to this article, I can now download Shareit and learn how to utilize it from here.

    1. You are welcome friend, yes SHAREit is a great App I can without any doubt recommend you download. There are some issues with the new update of the App though but overall functionality is excellent.

  5. Apps have become a lifesaver for many things today. Thank you for doing the research for me. It is so hard to decide which one is best when looking at them on my phone. I will need to re-read this to decide which one is best for me. Thank you so much for this information.

    1. The choice sometimes differ Laura but all of the Apps on the list are great, you can randomly select one and test and if it doesn’t meet your needs, you move to the next. Good lucky.

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