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With the ever-growing usage of Android devices, one question that remains unanswered is, “how secure are android phones?” Many people are using Android smartphones for storing private data like photos, videos of family functions, school documents and so many important data you can mention. This information has, to numerous clients stayed vulnerable, either to obscure intruders who on occasion snick and take your private data to make it open or malware and infections. On this subject, we will answer the best Android security in 2018 to secure your phone.

Use A Secure Lock Screen

The android screen lock has advanced over the years. There have been different slide-to – open strategies and OEMs have dependably put their own turn on things. As it turns out, there is a considerable measure of secure screen applications in the play store that can do much more

There are distinctive locks, for example, fingerprint scanner, face scans, location recognition, pattern, signature, and basic pin lock. All android cell phones do have a locking framework that keeps from the cell being abused. They are not as well-known as they used to be. Nonetheless, many people still appreciate the appeal of the new lock screen.

It’s always pretty wise to secure your android smartphone putting into consideration not only technical specs of security mechanism infallibility but also on a host of other factors, how often you are photographed on the public, how much effort and knowledge someone might expend to unlock your phone and so on.

According to my view, the old pin code is frequently cited as the best way to lock your android phone. In short many users like it because it’s long and its impossible to guess. That’s a very difficult hurdle for hackers to get over.


Before downloading any application on your android phone always check if the app is secure or not. My best advice is to go and read reviews about how the application works based on different users. Also, try to keep all your apps up to date because these updates also improve the security features of your applications.

Encryption And Two-Factor


Your android phone is a pocket-size compartment of important data that you would prefer not to fall in the wrong hands. Imagine your messages, SMS messages, contacts, charge card numbers, documents, photographs, recordings et cetera. Being exposed to outsiders. Nobody needs to be in that defenseless situation. That is the reason you secure your Android phone with a combination of security measures. In this guide, we will be looking at how  “encryption”, is important to any Android user.


Encryption is utilized to secure or scramble sensitive data stored on your web server or device. Here I mean for Android portable device. It works same as the encryption function as including an extra layer of security. So in straightforward terms, encryption implies securing information utilizing a secret key. In the device, any Android client can set the secret password and secure the data

For encryption settings, go to the settings>>security>> Data encryption>> set a PIN or Pattern for the same and afterward insert the files, pictures, photographs, docs and whatever you need to save after that save them. It will ask secret key at whatever point you need to open the particular documents.

Encryption needs you to have a device passcode, not having the PIN nullifies the point. In the event that your phone is open by anybody, they can simply go to the file manager and copy the data, despite the fact that you have turned on encryption. In the event that you have a password, a person can’t get to the documents stored on your device even by connecting It to PC

Two factor-Authentication-To place this in straightforward terms Two Factor-Authentication (2FA) implies that you have to display two distinct things from two unique sources, that demonstrates your identity. Usually, there are three distinct kinds of ID that can be utilized for 2FA purposes with regards to online records:

  • A thing that you should know. Things like password, a PIN, Account number, your street address or even the last 4digit of your social security number fit the bill here
  • Something we can see on your body, like a scar or fingerprints
  • Anything that is in your possession like phone

A good security requires two of these factors to provide what is known as Two Factor-Authentication/Two-step verification or Two-Factor security.

For example, if you need to access your money from your bank, you will need to produce an ATM card (something you have). Then you will need to insert a password, (something you know) and you are good to get your money. Unfortunately, most websites only rely on one factor-authentication. This is very unsecured because

  • so many people use weak passwords
  • mass password theft is on the rise
  • Brute-force hacking technology is getting more powerful

While you are locking up your android phone, let’s lock your google services as well. The best way to do this is by using google own Two Factor-Authentication

Here is how to do it, Log in to your Google Account and head to Two-step verification page settings. Once there choose, “Using 2 step-verification from the Menu. From there follow the prompts. You’ll be asked for your number. You can get the verification codes by voice, SMS on your phone. But choosing SMS is always a good option.

In seconds, you will receive SMS or voice call with your verification number, you then enter this code into your web browser’s data entry box, your device will then ask you if you want to remember the computer you are using. If you answer, “Yes” that program will be authorized for use for 30days. Finally, you turned on Two Factor-Authentication.

You can also make simpler by using Google Prompt with this you can authorize google applications by simply entering, “yes” when prompted on your phone.


When using an android phone, it is highly recommended that you don’t download apps outside google play store for security’s sake. Google has no control over applications outside its app store. So we advise you not to download application outside google app store if you decide to do it, then you must make sure, it’s from trusted sources To disable unknown source go to Settings>>security>> Device Administrater>> Unknown Sources then mark the box

The vast majority of Android malware comes from unreliable third part application sources. Google is and has tried to make google play store safer than ever. For example, Google Play Protect can automatically scan your Android device for malware when you install programs. Make sure it’s on by going to Settings>>Security>>Play Protect. For maximum security, click full scanning to get rid of all security threats on your device


What is exactly a VPN (Virtual Private Network)? This is a propelled innovation that makes safe and encoded connection over a less secure system, for example, internet. It is a method for individual and organizations to ensure your information and identities are secure.VPN is utilized to hinder your IP address and divert it to elsewhere.VPN

That implies you could utilize it to make a protected connection with other networks over the internet. VPNs can be utilized to get to region restricted websites, shield your browsing activity from prying eyes on open Wi-Fi, and the sky is the limit from there.

When you have this data, you’re prepared to start the setup.

Stage 1: Go to the Wireless And Network settings. …

Stage 2: Select PPTP for the VPN connection. …

Stage 3: Configure the VPN connection. …

Stage 4: Connect to your VPN. …

Stage 5: Disconnect.

The Android stage has an extraordinary worked in VPN connection apparatus that enables you to interface with PPTP VPNs, L2TP VPNs, L2TP/IPSec PSK VPNs, and L2TP/IPSec CRT VPNs. This is a walkthrough of how Android clients can set up and interface with a VPN with the assistance of a PPTP VPN. Your android phone is packing more power than even the most powerful desktop from just a few years ago. This means that using a VPN for Android is as essential for your online privacy and security as it is for a more controversial PC or laptop.

Sure, you rely on your Android phone to manage details of daily life, also as an all in one anti-boredom system. This arguably makes using an Android VPN even more important than a desktop VPN. So you must be aware that a VPN for mobile can protect just as well as a desktop VPN client.

Did you realize that Google monitors everything that you seek on? They at that point utilize this information to spam you with advertisements.

It’s a well-known fact that once you are associated with a standard web that you’re totally traceable. Everything from what site you interface with what kind of bathroom tissue you purchase online is followed and transferred or sold to organizations and the legislature. Likewise, so many nations will square clients from different nations from getting to their content. In the event that you have VPN, you can reclaim your flexibility to whatever you want on the web. Since your connection is concealed, at that point government and corporate servers can’t track you while you surf, shop or play games on the web.

Use Anti-Virus Software


Antivirus applications for mobiles work similarly as antivirus programming on PCs. They look for and block conceivably hurtful infections, and scan any information got like messages and connections for bugs and malware lion’s share of assaults as of now target phones supporting the Android operating system. This is on the grounds that Android is extremely “open” contrasted with other cell phone operating systems – it’s simpler to get a contaminated application from the Android Market as distribution rules are not as strict as that of Apple’s iPhone App Store.

Some versatile malware is intended to take banking information. For instance, in the event that you have undetected malware on your phone at that point not exclusively may the criminals get hold of your username and password and PIN, yet in addition, your account details and any MasterCard joined to the account.

To ensure your android phone you need to consider downloading antivirus to keep your security and information contained in your Android device is safe. There are both paid and free android antivirus. In the event that, you’re not running any kind of antivirus application on your Android mobile phone or tablet, that simply means you’re exposing yourself to danger, from corrupted applications and diverse sorts of malware.

Android has the most broadly utilized operating system on the planet, and that implies having security applications and antivirus introduced on your device is exceptionally fundamental, as Google’s OS is frequently targeted by malware because of its popularity. So here we have picked the best six antiviruses in 2018:

Best antivirus for Android in 2018

1. Avast Mobile Security. Gives you helpful additional items like a firewall and remote wipe. …

2. Bitdefender Antivirus Free. A lightweight application from a confided in mark. …

3. AVL. …

4. McAfee Security and Power Booster Free. …

5. Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus. …

6. Sophos Free Antivirus and Security. …

7. Norton Security and Antivirus. …

According to AV-TEST, all the above antiviruses were evaluated based on malware detection, usability, and performance

Get rid of applications you are no longer using.

Each application accompanies its own particular security issues. Most Android software vendors do a great job of updating their programs. A large portion of them. In case, you’re not utilizing an application, dispose of it. The fewer program entryways you have into your cell phone, the fewer possibilities an attacker needs to attack it.

In the event that you catch up with every one of these recommendations, your telephone will be more secure. It won’t be flawlessly sheltered – nothing is in this world. In any case, you’ll be more secure than you are currently, and that is not a little thing.

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  1. Strahinja says:


    thanks for all the advices. I have an Android phone and I use the lock with numbers. I also think that number combinations are best for security. Maybe I should scan my phone more, just to be sure that there are no viruses or other problems. Google play is always the best option, I didn’t install apps from other places on the Internet. There was one problem I had – I couldn’t send any message on viber, and it didn’t let me take calls or anything. I got the message that something needs to be approved in settings. But later I found out that I didn’t update the software, so everything was blocked on viber. I thought my software was updating automatically but it wasn’t the case. So, definitely user should always check the updates.Regards,Strahinja


    The Two Factor Authentication Process is particularly true with my Google Account, where I’m required to use a Google Authentication downloaded on my phone to verify access into my Google account. This is really cool, and I didn’t know it existed for phones as well.

    By the way, there was nothing mentioned about using finger prints as a security measure with Android. Is it not that secure? This was such a great post on android security and I’ve learned so much.

    Thanks for sharing.

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