Best memory cards for mobile phones and tablets

It is very easy for a mobile phone to run out of space nowadays because of videos, photos, and documents we are storing on these devices. The easiest solution for this is to insert a microSD card. In today’s guide, I am going to walk you through some of the best memory cards for mobile phones and tablets.

Some mobile phones, unfortunately, does not support memory cards. If you are an iPhone or iPad user, this feature is not available for you, but, many Android phones and tablets support them.

You can check if your mobile device has this feature by checking a microSD card slot on your device. Again, you can go to the manufacturer’s website and check for your phone’s specifications and see if they support MicroSD card.

What to consider before buying?

There are so many things you have to consider before buying a microSD card for your Android phone. The first thing that will come to many minds when talking about these storage chips, is price and capacity. That’s good, but we have to look beyond that.

  • It is very important to check if the SD card is supported by your mobile phone
  • You must check if the read/ writes speed suite your needs. Look at the table below to see how different microSD cards are classified
  • Buy from popular brands like Samsung, Lexar etc. 
  • When buying from online stores like Amazon and eBay, make sure you utilize reviews from those who have already bought the microSD card you want. This will greatly help you in your buying decision.

Common terms


SDHC-  Secure Digital High Capacity

SDXC– Secure Digital Extended Capacity

These two terms are used to differentiate types of microSD card. There is no big difference between them, the only difference is in the range of data each can store.

SDHC microSD card can store data ranging from 2GB-32GB, while SDXC  can store data ranging from 32GB up to 1TB or so. An example of an SDXC SD card  is that of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, which has a memory capacity of 512GB   

A1 Rating

This is a great feature worth mentioning here . We now have some best microSD cards that come marked A1 on them.

This is an indication that the card is compatible with the new App performance that was introduced by the SD Association. An SD card that has an A1 rating can manage random read input-output Access per second (IOPS) of 1,500 and write IOPS of 500 

SD cards marked A1 can handle tasks with efficiency and fast speeds. If you are someone planning to use an adoptable storage, you must consider this feature when buying a microSD card.

Class rating

is used to classify microSD cards according to their transfer speed. UHS stands for Ultra High Speed, So we now have SD cards with speed beyond class 10. The “V” was introduced for classifying memory chips according to video transfer speed. 

Below is a table to show the minimal transfer speed for each class of an SD card.

ClassMinimal Speed
22 MB/sec
44 MB/sec
66 MB/sec
88 MB/sec
1010 MB/sec
UHS 110 MB/sec
UHS 330 MB/sec
V66 MB/sec
V1010 MB/sec
V3030 MB/sec
V6060 MB/sec
V9090 MB/sec

It must be noted that the table is based on minimal transfer speed. If a card is a class 8, it means it can offer higher speed than 8 MB per seconds.

4 best memory cards to buy

Now that you know things to consider, I will walk you through best 4 microSD card available so far. Remember, you will always have the final choice depending on what you want to use the memory card for and if its supported by the model of your mobile device.

Samsung Evo Pus

If you are looking for speedy and efficiency, then the Evo Plus memory card, is the answer. Samsung Evo card are class 10 and UHS 3. They have impressive read and write speeds of up to 95MB/S and 90MB/s respectively. This means that no slowing down whenever doing different tasks with your Android. Whether downloading apps, sending files, surfing the web or listening to music. This microSD card is super fast and efficient. Samsung Evo MicroSD cards come in different size and price range as shown in the table below 

Storage sizePrice on Amazon

Lexar Professional 128GB

Lexar 1000* MicroSD card is the best option if you consider speed as a priority. This is an SDXC card with UHS-II rating. It boasts of up to 150MB/s speed and can as well manage 4k video recording . Comes with a USB that you can plug onto your PC   

SanDisk Extreme 32GB

This is the best option if you love speedy MicroSD card. There is a number of reasons why this card reserves top 4 list. Its an SDHC card with read speedy of up to 90MB/S and write  of 60MB/s. You have a lifetime warranty when you buy this memory chip. If you consider durability, speedy, this is the right choice. It handles 1080 video recording and even 4k, though you may need to opt for larger capacity if that’s the major reason you are buying it for. It’s certified class 10, UHS 3 and V3 video speedy. This is one of the microSD card with overwhelming positive reviews on Amazon store.  

SanDisk Ultra 400GB

Looking for microSD card that will store everything you want, from videos, pictures, documents and much more, without worrying about space? SanDisk Ultra offers just that.

Offers an impresive 400GB of storage space as well as read speedy of up to 100MB/s . If you want a smaller storage, may be your mobile device does not support it, SanDisk has other smaller options you can choose from. Look at the table below

SanDisk Ultra MicroSD cards sizes and prices


Our overall pick is the Samsung Evo Plus 256 here. It has great transfer speed and efficiency. Suits both average and power users. If you are looking for an SD card that will do the job for you, then it must be Samsung Evo Plus   

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