GPS location traking

Change GPS location on Android to fake your location

Here is another on-demand topic, on Android tricks and hacks. There are several reasons you could decide to change GPS location on Android phone. The reasons may vary from doing it for fun, in order to access certain services restricted to certain regions etc. By faking the GPS you can access any region of your choice by fooling location based Apps on your Android phone that you are elsewhere, far from your actual location. But you have to bear it in mind that you can only do this using specialized Apps because there is no in-built of such settings on any Android device. Changing GPS location has so many advantages… Read More

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How do I fee up space on my Android phone

how do i free up space on my android phone

This is the most heating question asked by many Android users, “How do I free up space on my Android phone?” The reason that you are also reading this blog is maybe you have also the same question burning in you, don’t worry, by the end of this article, you will know how to deal with this problem from different angles. Let’s go through some best ways to solve this. This error usually seen during your downloads or when you are hovering over your screen as in the images below ; So how to tackle this problem? Let’s discuss that below. What’s occupying your storage? This is the first question… Read More

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5 Best free cloud storage apps for android in 2018

Smartphones has evolved and more and more Android phones are being released each and every calendar month. Just recently, Samsung released its latest flagship with an internal storage totaling 128/512GB. A huge amount of storage alright? But there are disadvantages of storing all your files on your microSD card or your phone. The phone can be stolen or can be damaged, and in that situation, you may lose all your files. In this guide, I am going to walk you through some of the best free cloud storage Apps for Android in 2018. There are countless advantages of having your files stored in a cloud server. The stored files does… Read More

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7 Best file sharing apps for Android A

7 Best file sharing apps for android

Transferring files have never been easy, especially transferring a huge chunk of data from phone to phone, phone to PC or from phone to tablet. Considering the large amounts of data that can be stored on mobile phones nowadays, it remains a big question how these files can be transferred to another device in case where you have acquired a new device or maybe you want to move them to your PC. In this guide, I am going to be walking you through 7 best file sharing Apps for Android devices. There are in fact many of these apps, available on the marketplace, but in this guideline, I have just… Read More

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How to backup android phone to Google Drive in 5 minutes

how to backup android phone to google drive in 5 minutes

Smartphones have become a force to be reckoned as far as videos, photos, files and data storage is concerned. The latest Samsung’s flagship, Galaxy Note 9, has 250GB and 512GB of storage, on the two launched Galaxy Note 9 versions. This just means smartphones can now store as much data as computers. But, how such a huge amount of data can be stored safely without the fear of not losing it? Thanks to Google by introducing Google Drive. If you have an Android phone, then this article is for you, to keep your family’s special occasions videos and photos and your work’s files, its crucial to know how to backup… Read More

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how can i locate my lost android phone

how can i locate my lost android phone-Pretty easy

Is there a genuine method I can use to recover my lost phone? So much has been said over the past decade from when Android phone was introduced, on how  to locate lost android phone. So many Apps and software are available to download on google play store and other sites. Some are free while others are paid. But in this lecture we are going to outline the best Apps, software and setting you need to master to prepare for those bad moments. Could you talk about all the ways of securing your data and files on your android device without mentioning how you can recover or locate your device… Read More

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