Google secretly recording with your Android phone

How google is secretly recording you through your mobile-Your privacy on the cards

Is Google spying you? Everyone knows that Google is tracking us because we all read its Privacy policy from the time we buy Android devices or when installing Apps. But have you ever try to trace what information does it collect from you? It’s not a surprise most Android users are not aware, how I wish every user come to know this. Very little to no attention is given to agreeing on the terms and conditions of Google when opening Accounts. Smartphones and tablets have turned into spying devices, capturing voice, photos, and videos, sending them to Google sending all of this data to Google servers. But how does this… Read More

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How to root Android phone

how to root my android phone-Using awesome rooting Apps

Get the full potential of your phone While I can’t deny that the whole concept of rooting is rather complicated, but in fact, the actual process of rooting isn’t that terribly difficulty. Rooting is the process that allows users of Android phone, tablets, and other Android devices, running Android OS(Operating System) to have privileged control (usually known as root access). Root access is that administrative privilege you enjoy on your PC or Mac. It allows you to uninstall bloatware or install applications that may not be installed on your phone except if you are rooted. Have you ever realized the full potential of your Android phone? If you have an… Read More

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Rooting Android phone,pros and cons

What’s the heck is Rooting? Rooting is simply the process of gaining administrative rights over the phone’s software and operating system or attaining superuser access in a Linux or Unix operating system(known as root access). This is jailbreaking in iPhone. Most Android phone users love to root their devices in order to gain this root access privilege but rooting Android phone has its pros and cons, which I am going to explain in this article. After manufacturing phone, there are restrictions that are set on almost all phones to make sure normal users do not mess up with the Android operating system or the main functions like booting, firmware, kernel,… Read More

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how can i locate my lost android phone

how can i locate my lost android phone-Pretty easy

Is there a genuine method I can use to recover my lost phone? So much has been said over the past decade from when Android phone was introduced, on how  to locate lost android phone. So many Apps and software are available to download on google play store and other sites. Some are free while others are paid. But in this lecture we are going to outline the best Apps, software and setting you need to master to prepare for those bad moments. Could you talk about all the ways of securing your data and files on your android device without mentioning how you can recover or locate your device… Read More

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how to recover deleted videos and photos from Android phone.

how to recover deleted videos and photos from android phone-without computer

Lost data is not forgotten data It is very common nawadays, in the Android ecosystem,  android devices accidentally or as a result of virus or malware attack format your data or you may delete it by accident, and without enough know-how, you may give up on recovering the information. In this article we are going to outline some of the best method you can employ to recover deleted videos and videos from android phone-without computer We capture and save plenty of pictures and videos and most of them, in most memorable events with families and friends. However, all these files can be lost in a matter of second, due to… Read More

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Best Android protection

Best android security 2018

GROWING USAGE OF ANDROID With the ever-growing usage of Android devices, one question that remains unanswered is, “how secure are android phones?” Many people are using Android smartphones for storing private data like photos, videos of family functions, school documents and so many important data you can mention. This information has, to numerous clients stayed vulnerable, either to obscure intruders who on occasion snick and take your private data to make it open or malware and infections. On this subject, we will answer the best Android security in 2018 to secure your phone. Use A Secure Lock Screen The android screen lock has advanced over the years. There have been… Read More

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