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GPS locationHere is another on-demand topic, on Android tricks and hacks. There are several reasons you could decide to change GPS location on Android phone. The reasons may vary from doing it for fun, in order to access certain services restricted to certain regions etc. By faking the GPS you can access any region of your choice by fooling location based Apps on your Android phone that you are elsewhere, far from your actual location.

But you have to bear it in mind that you can only do this using specialized Apps because there is no in-built of such settings on any Android device.

Changing GPS location has so many advantages but you must note that changing your GPS location will also affect other location-based Apps on your Android device, for instance, you could face some problems when you need to check for weather updates, the nearest restaurants in your area or when you want to look for directions using Google maps.

This will leave you with the option of first turning off the fake GPS Application first or else you will be shown results from the location you are faking.

Changing GPS location will only alter your location but not your mobile number or email details. All other details will be still the same.

Reasons that could lead you to change your GPS location

As I alluded earlier, there are actually so many reasons, below are some reasons that could lead you to fake GPS location.

  • Blocking your company/employer from tracking you. With the advent of technology, some companies can now easily track all their employees. Using Fake GPS location could help you to hide your real location.
  • It could also help you to access location-based games, say, Pokemon Go, in a situation where you cannot accessPokemon Pokemon in your region, instead of traveling up to those regions which can access the game, you could pretend to be in those regions, just by changing your GPS location.
  • For fun reasons, you could change your GPS location to make your friends think you have gone to a far place for a holiday. Just to make them feel jealous:)
  • hide your real location from your friends and family members when using location sharing Apps or when you want to avoid giving your actual location to Applications that may require it.
  • Some governments security agents have a tendance of tracking certain individuals for different reasons, the use of fake GPS location Apps can be of great use in that situation.

There are, however, geologically restricted websites, these, however, may require the use of VPNs (Virtual Private Network).

Most of the GPS location Apps works only on rooted devices, depending on the importance of the reason you want to hide your location, you may need to consider rooting your Android phone. But before you do that, you can try using those that can work on unrooted devices.


So before, we discuss how you can change your GPS location, let’s talk about the shortcomings of such an operation.

  • Changing your GPS location could lead to a temporary ban if you where to be seen your tricks by the game developers like Pokemon, Nantiac will not take that act lightly though, and your account could be permanently shut down.
  • It will affect every location-based App on your phone and your real location weather update, will not be shown.

There are several fake GPS Apps and all of them have very similar names. This is also a factor that makes it easy to identify them on Google Play Store because at they are at one place. You can just type “Fake GPS”, and almost all of them will appear in the search result.

It can be a bit of a hurdle on choosing the best because if you visit the individual reviews of each App, you will notice that there is no single one of them without grey areas. But I chose the best two, according to my experience as below;


  1. Fake GPS location
  2. Fake GPS GO location spoofer freeFake GPS Free and Fake GPS GO Spoofer free

Fake GPS Location

Go to Google Play Store and install. The installation is very easy, no special requirements are needed here, you don’t need to root your device in order to use these Apps.

After the installation, before any settings, you need to enable mock locations.

To enable mock locations, go to your phone’s settings>General settings and scroll down to About Device

To allow mock locations, first, you must find the Developer Options.

For Developer Options to appear among your screen settings, tap on “Builder number” 6-7 times and go back to your device settings and scroll down to Developer Options, under Debugging, enable Mock locations.

Developer OptionsMock locations

Now that you have enabled mock locations, it’s now possible to fake your GPS location using the Fake GPS Location App.

Go back to the Application icon and open it. Before any settings, it will show you precisely your GPS location.

To set the fake location, just move the GPS location icon at the center of your device screen to the location you want. You can also search the location you want, using the search bar at the top right of your device’s screen.

Fake GPS Location

To select the location you want, move the GPS icon to the location you want and tap 2-times to select, then tap on the green play button to activate fake GPS location.

It’s advisable to disable these settings as soon as the App finishes its purpose. Failure to do this, you will not be able to track your mobile device using GPS or other means that may require your precise location, in the event that it’s stolen or lost.

In some instances, even if you turn off the Fake GPS location App, your mobile device can still be fooled into believing that your fake location is your real location. So in this situation, you can uninstall it and re-install when you need the service.

Fake GPS GO Location Spoofer free

Another Great Fake GPS location App. The Application is very easy to use.

To begin, go to Google Play Store, download the App, it’s a free version. There is a paid version of this App that produces a better result than free version counterpart. The paid version cost $3.47, for a better result, it’s a reasonable price tag.

After installing the App, make sure you enable mock locations. To enable mock locations, follow the same procedure as in Fake GPS Location above.

  • Open settings
  • Find About Device
  • Builder number
  • Tap Builder number continuously for about 7-times to activate Developer Option
  • Go back and scroll down to Developer Options
  • Under Debugging Options, mark/enable mock locations

‘After enabling mock locations, you can now set your preferred fake location. So, first thing first, open the Fake GPS GO Location Spoofer free or you can upgrade to the Pro version to unlock all the features.

>>Open the App icon on your screen but before that, make sure you enable GPS location in your location settings. Mark to enable GPS only and avoid High Accuracy option, for a better result.


Now that you have enabled the GPS location, open the Fake GPS GO Spoofer free App on your screen, find your target location and tap on it repeatedly 2-times to select it.

GPS Activation


A pin will appear at the location you would have selected. To activate the location you have chosen, click on the yellow play button on the bottom left screen and a pop-up “map engaged” will appear and you are done.

On clicking the yellow play button, a screen that requires you to watch some Ads will appear. No big deal here, you can just click on continue with Ads and as soon as the Ad start, click on the “x” button to remove it, and you are good to go.

You can confirm if the fake location on the App is corresponding to the location on your Google Map by opening the Google Map and see location shown.

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Did this help you?

Would like to know if this trick helped you to solve your problem?, or maybe you have another alternative to the two fake GPS Apps above, please share your views in the comments box below.  You can also share this article on your social platforms using the share buttons at the top left side of your screen.


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22 Replies to “Change GPS location on Android to fake your location”

  1. I had mixed feelings after reading this article. After giving it more thought, I believe the potential controversy surrounding this app pales in comparison to the unethical and illegal practices used by governments to spy on their own citizens. That’s the Libertarian in me talking, lol.

    Since you mentioned that you can use this with Pokemon Go, can I safely assume this app tracks your actual movement and updates you faux location in real time?

    1. Hi, Chris, unfortunately when using this app, you can trace your real time

  2. Well I never knew these apps existed! How much fun could you have with this!  Rather than my friends I’d love to play a joke on my girlfriend with this! 

    I do however find it concerning that can criminsks use it to give themselves an alibi or can their phones still be pinged from nearby phone masts for real location purposes?

    I do like the idea of using this app for employees to disguise their locations from nosey bosses. 

    All in all a great review! 

  3. That’s really cool, I had no idea there were apps like this out there.  Is there anything you can recommend for an Iphone?  I have a lot of friends who have geotracking on their phones because they drive work vehicles and would probably love to be able to use such an app without getting in trouble lol

  4. Francesco says:

    I never even considered the idea or even possibility of faking a GPS location ever! I didn’t know people did that to hide from employers tracking or to get more opportunities in Pokemon Go lol or to fool friends/family. Even though I’m aware of the consequences now after reading your post, I wouldn’t be able to easily do it since I own an iPhone and they are not as easily manipulated. 

    Despite that fact, it’s still very intriguing to know that such fake-GPS android apps even exist and that they vary in reliability and price. I could see how and why someone could do such a thing. Thanks for the highly interesting post.—Francesco 

  5. I was just surfing and came across this site.  I have to admit this article has me laughing my butt off and let me tell you why.  My wife is absolutely dependant on her GPS.  I doubt she could drive across the road with out it.  I would love to play a trick on her and see where she ends up and the look on her face.  Its about time we had some fun with our apps. Im going to save this page and see if I can pull it off.  One quick question?  Is it easy to put things back to normal after screwing around with them?

    1. Yes, you can put things back, but beside disabling it, you can temporarily uninstall it as your phone may be fooled that your fake location is actually the real location. When this happens, you will not be able to view your area’s weather updates or any direction. And if you enabled GPS location for your phone when stolen or lost, you can recover it.   

  6. Shaun Bradley says:

    This is really cool if your on the run from anyone that could be tracking you through your phone. But I wonder though how many scammers are using them for bad intentions.

    I would probably try and trick my friends and family that I’m in Egypt or somewhere far far away lol that would be great!

    I wonder if I could even pretend to do a “check in” somewhere really interesting just to spoof my friends? Good looking out on these apps and how to use them!


    1. You can definitely fake any location, just select the location you want and you are done

  7. My little brother loves pokemon go. I bet he’d be really excited about the idea of changing his location to get some exotic pokemon. I will have to send him a link to your article. My one question for you is, are there any legal ramifications for changing your GPS location?

    I noticed that you listed as one of the reasons for changing location as stopping government security agents from tracking you. I can’t help but think that if security agents are tracking someone’s location, maybe there’s a good reason for it. Could someone potentially get in trouble for faking thier location in this type of situation?

    1. If govt security agents are suspecting you of doing something wrong, they can do whatever possible to intrude into your privacy to have enough information But this is totally illegal because no one has the right to invade another person’s privacy in whatever situation, there must be consent. 

      In Changing GPS, its not good to change GPS for illegal activities, even in Pokemon, if the developers find out about it, they can possibly block your account.   

  8. Brandon Pierce says:

    Well, I can see why this topic might be a little bit controversial.  After all, what are you up to that you need to fake your location?  Having said that, I can think of a lot of legit reasons you might want this, so I found this to be invaluable information.  Not everyone that wants to spoof their location is up to something bad.  Good article.  Hope it stays in the hands of people with good reasons for what they are trying to do.

    1. It must be noted that if you change your GPS location for illegal activities you may find yourself in big trouble but if you are doing it for fun with your friends there is no problem 

  9. Wow it’s so technical! I had no idea people even did this!

    How often do you find that you change your location then?

    Thanks for sharing


  10. I was curious to read your article after seeing the title. Good that you mentioned the disadvantages too before mentioning about the app. I will definitely give a try.

  11. I had fun reading this post, I was laughing because I can wind my friends up. I didn’t know you could get apps capable of this. You’ve opened my eyes, thanks for the information.

  12. Hi and thank you for this interesting article on android trick and hacks.

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