Dangerous smartphone spy Apps that could be watching you

What is spying?

This is an act of obtaining/collecting confidential secret of someone without his/her consent. In this instance, it’s done using Applications but suspicion people can actually pay someone a reasonable amount to get as much of your private life as possible.

Spying Apps were mainly designed to monitor and maintain the behavior of children. You know our children can sometimes be naughty and worse nowadays with the use of technology like mobile phones and computers, they can go an extra mile. So monitoring what children would be doing during your absence was made pretty easy by the use of these spying Apps.

But it did not end there, these snoopy Apps can now be used by your suspecting employers, girlfriends, government and family members, to secretly intrude into your privacy. Not all that good isn’t it? Yes, it’s a very bad act and neither the law doesn’t allow that. Illegal!

So be very vigilant, if someone has much information about your private life from nowhere, he/she might be spying on you. With our mobile phones nowadays carrying a bigger portion of our private life, it’s a wise step to take a minute to understand how this works and what that you need to do right now, to make sure it doesn’t happen to you. If you are one of such minds, you have come to the right place.

In this guide, I will walk you through 3  Android spy Apps that could be listening and watching you right now without you knowing. The Applications are such simple to install and use. Some of them are even free though others are paid. After reading this post, you will be able to notice if someone is spying on you through your device and how you can actually get rid of such Apps.


This is one of the most dangerous spy App. The App is capable of collecting information like call logs, text, emails, your WhatsApp text messages, Facebook Messenger, Skype, Viber etc. Not only that, the Application can even track your GPS location and send it to the person who will be hunting your privacy. Worried now? The Application can even record the device’s surrounding which means it can capture keywords like names, numbers, and location.

All this collected data can be accessed from any device, so long there is an internet connection. The information is loaded into the intruder’s Xnspy web account, and he/she can simply watch all your activities, conversations, messages as well as your real location, with a single click.

Though this App is not free, the subscriptions are very low. Subscriptions are categorized into Basic and Premium Edition. The Basic Edition is at $99.99/Annually and provides some basic spying features but the Premium at $149.99, is most dangerous if installed on your device as it offers advanced functionalities. The App can work on both rooted and unrooted phone.

This must be an eye-opener for you. If someone buys you a mobile phone, first check if it doesn’t have this type of spy App, except for the one you trust. But what is most worrying in this game is, we sometimes tend to trust people who don’t trust us, so you never know who to and not to trust.


Most functions of Flexispy are similar to those already mentioned above. However, this Application can go an extra mile when collecting data. It can collect information from most popular media like Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Viber, Skype, WeChat, WhatsApp, Line, BBM, Yahoo Messenger, Telegram, Tinder, Instagram, QQ, Hike Messenger, Google+, Hangouts, Kik Messenger etc. That’s not where it ends, Flexispy also spies on the target’s location, passwords, and other applications.

Now you may start to ask questions like, “does secure my device with passwords and VPN helpful in situations like these?” Unfortunately, that might not help in situations like these. The only option that might help you out of this dirt, is to verify if such Applications are not installed on your phone from the time you are given/buy your device.

Plus this App cannot be seen on your screen, it has a stealth mode that allows it to be hidden from your screen and task manager. The person who will be spying on you can receive alerts of messages, calls etc. All the collected data is stored in a web which can be accessed using any device when connected to the internet.

As if it’s not enough, Flexispy support Android version 4.1.2 and above and the recent revelation states that it can support up to Android OS 8.1. This simply means many Android devices can use this App. The company also introduced what it calls “Native X.” This is an improved call recording feature, available to Flexispy Extreme users, using version 2.31.2 and higher.

From what it looks, this App is a threat to your privacy and it’s a wise decision to cross-check this spy app when given a phone gift or buying your Android phone.

Though Flexispy is not free, one can part with $68/month, $99/3month or $149/yearly as a premium member, only to get away with your data and privacy. The person hunting your privacy will just need to get hold of your phone once so that he/she can install the App. Once the Application is installed, the data can be accessed from anywhere in the world using any mobile phone or PC.


As the name suggests, Mobistealthy can collect data from your Android device without you realizing because it has a stealthy mode that can be activated so that it’s not displayed on the screen. The Application provides comprehensive features to the person who will be monitoring you and below are some features;

Allows viewing, send/received the message -Gives access to the person tracking you to view your send and received messages. He can even see who is texting you, with full details of names and cell numbers. All this data accessed remotely from an online dashboard.

Applications on the target deviceIt allow viewing the Applications installed on your device and the person can even alter or remove any of the application he sees inappropriate, remotely. That means you could lose some of your important applications installed on your phone.

Can spy on Appointments and contactscan monitor and collect data like contacts on the target phone, email address, receive notifications of all your contact lists, receive all information regarding appointments dates and time, obtain this data remotely.

Chat MessengersMobistealthy can monitor all popular Chat Messengers, for example, Facebook Messenger, SnapChat, WhatsApp, Yahoo Chat, Viber, Kik, Line etc.

Web Browsing– All your internet footprints can be easily be traced through browser history.

Location– Your location can be easily monitored even if GPS is off on the target phone. If the target device is connected to the internet and GPS is ONthe Application will send precise location with an online map, precise longitude and altitude of the targeted device.

PicturesMobitealthy makes it easy to monitor photo received and send. It’s possible even viewing deleted photos or view the gallery where photos are stored. These pictures can be saved to an online dashboard.

Record surroundingslet you record any sound from near the targeted device and the sound can be saved online.

Record callswith this App, you can record all calls from the target device, download and then listen to the conversations at any time.

Mobistealthy spy App is compatible with most Android device, it’s not actually specified on the Application’s website as to which version is preferable to install the App but the company mentions that its compatible with all carriers.

Price- For an amount of $179 Basic Pro-X and $149 Pro/ 12months, someone can spy on you for a solid 12 months.

Mobile Tracker Free

Mobile Tracker Free is one of the most used and dangerous in this industry. The App is not only free but can finish the job that most of the paid versions can’t do.

Using this Application the person spying on you can do any of the below functions;

  • read all the received and send messages of from your device
  • record all calls and listen to the conversation at his own time
  • can block calls from any contact on the target device
  • View all captured photos on your device
  • He/She can view and read messages on your social media platforms like Facebook, Whatsapp, WeChat, Viber, Skype, Kik, Tango, Hangouts, Telegram etc.
  • Access Applications on your phone, and an option to block any of the Applications at his will.
  • All the contacts are at finger-tips
  • Send SMS using the target device
  • Enable and disable GPS and WiFi remotely.
  • Take pictures without the owner of the device consent.
  • Restart the phone.
  • Hide or display the Application (Mobile Tracker Free) icon on the Application list
  • The tracker can import all this data using a mobile phone or PC with a single click and without paying any amount.

The tracker will need your actual phone once, in order to install the Application. Once the Application is installed, all the activities will be seen and controlled remotely and there will be no need for physical access to the phone.

It only takes as little as 3mins to install this Application on the target device, so never leave your phone in the hands of someone you don’t trust for any amount of time because you may lose all your privacy in just three mins.

It has so many useful functions that can be used to invade your privacy. So you may need to be a bit cautious towards the security of your data.

If you are a parent, you can also use this Application to track the activities of your child during your absence. I do not personally encourage you to track any person other than your own child because you may end up in trouble. Invading any individual’s privacy without his/her consent is illegal.

Below is a video on how Mobile Tracker Free is installed

Can I find out if there is a Spying App installed on my Android phone?

Honestly, this can be a difficult hurdle, because many of these Apps have a stealth mode, that means, the actual Application is not displayed on your Android device screen. It may require a bit of technical knowledge to go through your device’s files. In other cases, if the Application is not hidden, it uses names you might hardly question, like “System manager or Disk Cleaner” or any other name of that sort. In the worst cases, the spying App is bound to one of your Applications and becomes even harder, if not impossible to find the App.

Signs that may indicate your device is being hacked

  • The first thing to notice when your phone has been hacked is the sudden change in its behavior. Spy Apps uses a lot of power, so unusual battery drainage can be a sign that your phone was hacked.
  • Echoing sound and strange noise-Except if you had heard this before, some spy software can record voice calls and this is done by adding them as conference calls. The result may produce unusual sound on the target phone. Although different devices produce this sound if there is a bad network connection, if the noise persists, you might need to verify if it’s not caused by spyware.
  • Data Usage-Spy Apps uses your data transferring files, photos, and videos to online servers. So a great deal of data may be used. This has changed during the recent years, spying Apps found nowadays no longer uses much data and in such circumstances, it’s difficult to find out.

What should I do to get rid of Spying Apps on my Android device?

It’s very simple. If you ever got suspicion of the behavior of your phone and you are of the opinion that someone may have tapped into your privacy;


  • simply back up all your data and factory reset it Or keep suspecting without taking any action and be a victim of hacking. Remember these Apps can gain access to all your privacy, including contacts, social media texts, calls, and call log and many more. Factory Reset removes everything on the device and leaves only the default applications. This function differs from device to device. But on most Android versions, you can perform this by going to yoursetting>>General settings>> Backup and reset>>Factory data reset 
  • Upgrade your OS to the latest version-Another useful option you can use, is to upgrade the Operating System of your Android device to the latest version. This will work in almost the same way as factory reset. If you had already updated your OS, you may choose to rollback and use an old version then upgrade to the latest version of the Operating system. This help removes all the Apps including any suspicious spy software from your device.
  • You can also remove the spy Apps by going to the device’s system files and remove all files related to the App. But I don’t recommend this method as it requires technical know-how and if you mess up with the wrong files, you might delete important files that are required for the smooth running of your device. So it’s advisable to use factory reset and OS upgrading.

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23 Replies to “Dangerous smartphone spy Apps that could be listening and watching you right now.”

  1. Olonisakin Kehinde says:

    wow, incredible and awesome. An eye opener I must say. That well said, the level of advancement in technology had often bring both the good, the bad and the ugly. Some goods may be the bad in other areas. Imagine you are being trailed and watched all your life, it’s awful because your whole life is being under surveillance. Of a truth, not only on mobile can you be tracked or monitored, there are some websites that once you visit, uses your details including passwords, then you are automatically a victim. This is one reason you need to be sure of websites before you visit them and never give your consent for any website to safe your passwords. 

    Can occasional backing up your data and resetting to factory setting be a sure way to be double sure you are safe from spying apps??? 

    How often should you or should you not give your phones to people for whatever reasons??? 

    These are questions that begs for answers and I hope technology will someday advance so that one will be able detect hacks and spy from ones phone.

    ……good job with this sire. 

  2. This is a really quite disturbing article. 

    This is also one of the reasons why I am not going to buy a smartphone. 

    I guess that everything in life has its positives and negatives, and that of technology is a lack of privacy amongst other things. I think the intrinsic nature of the device means that we can’t find a bulletproof solution to this problem. If your phone is using the web, and requires internet access, then there will always be risks of being stalked, and worst of all your location is revealed. I don’t know if you have seen the program ‘hunted’ on TV but on that they demonstrate how the use of social media and stuff can be turned against someone to reveal their location and plans.

    Besides, great and interesting article! :0

  3. What an great article. I am really glad that I have read this because now I know what should I not use. It really looks scary when you imagine that someone can see what are you doing and even watch you. I will definitely share this article and hope that a lot people will see it and avoid this apps.

  4. What a downright sneaky thing for others to do. I can see in this day and age parents doing to protect their chidlren.

    But I can see unscrupulous people taking advantage of this to.  Especially for those who want to commit fraud for some reason.

    It’s nice that you have listed the apps people use, but then won’t people who want to spy now find them because they are listed here.

    I have question, how do you find out if you are being spied on?

  5. Thanks for the thorough review on these devices. It’s seems these little devices are very powerful at spying people 24hrs. To some extend this is not very good because it’s invading people’s privacy. On the other hand, parents can find it very useful if they want to know what their children have being watching on the internet. So I guess it comes down to what you use these products for. That will determine if it’s good or bad. 

  6. I am so unaware, I had no idea these apps were out there.  It’s a little scary to think of what people can be looking at.  I get that they may be good for parents of younger children, when you wan to monitor what they are looking at and doing on the internet, but I sure don’t like the thought of someone checking out everything I’m doing on my computer or phone.  Thanks for making me aware fo these apps.  What an eye opener

    1. Definitely, on one will be happy to see His/her privacy being invaded but it’s happening. So its great that you know how its happening, always check to see if your phone is safe. Try by all means to protect your privacy. You can also avoid data and privacy sying by using Android security settings

  7. SharonRPh says:

    Oh my!  My tummy just turned inside out!  I knew that real tech security was under attack – but this just put the icing on the cake!  Wow-thanks for reviewing these apps and giving us the lowdown on what they can do (and for so little $)!  Of course there’s lots of debate out there about “spying” on your children, for a parent or a child’s guardian to know what’s going is priceless and your article could be very helpful to some folks out there who need to monitor their child’s online/onphone activity for the child’s safety.  I noticed that you referenced Android – are these apps also available for Iphone as well? If not, perhaps that’s an idea for another post.

    Well done article!  Thank you!

  8. Marlinda Davis says:

    Hey there! I’m really glad that you wrote this guide about spy apps. I had no idea they existed and could do so much like obtain my phone logs and see everything that I’m doing on my phone. Since I got my phone from a cell phone company, is something like this still a concern for me? Should I still install software on my phone just to be safe and make sure I’m not being spied on? Do antivirus programs protect against this?

  9. Apple products (iPhones) are VERY susceptible as by default they ‘trust’ networks you’ve previously logged into. I can spoof these networks by creating a ‘free wi-fi hotspot’ that uses the same name and then an iPhone will automatically log in as it’s previously logged in to a ‘trusted’ network with the same name. Once they’ve logged in, the sky’s the limit as to what can be done.

    At a privacy and security conference one of the mobile security talks was all about this and how about 30 people in the audience has already logged in to the ‘fake’ hotspot.

  10. Thank you for the great article. Actually, with the huge development of electronics and communications in the world, I am afraid that we will not have any privacy in the future. Cambridge Analytica scandal is an example of what technology can do.

  11. All quite scary and just highlights the downside to technology. I’m surprised how these apps can be purchased for quite a moderate amount, therefore making it accessible to more people. I’m glad you mentioned signs that may indicate one of these spy apps are being used on your phone.

    1. Am glad it helped you. Yes, the amount is quite low considering how important is private information. So it’s always important to have general knowledge of these Apps.

  12. Thank you for putting this information out there! This is the stuff that many speculate about but no one really seems to know about so thank you for your solid info. Would it be safe to assume that Apple products are just as vulnerable?

    1. Hi Dennis, I usually deal with Android but even Apple is also prone to hacking as there are so many of these Apps out there.

  13. wow this post packs a punch and is a must read for all. you never know what can happen these days with your phone.. Thank you so much for this very amazing and informative post.

  14. This is crazy! and a little scary.
    The technology I tell ya, it’s awesome and hurtful all at the same time. Thank you for keeping me informed on what I can watch out for and how I can avoid these situations.

  15. Danielle Packer says:

    Wow! It is crazy what technology can do and sometimes a bit scary… Very good information to know though so thank you for the educating us!

    1. With technology nowadays nothing is impossible, you can do anything. Am glad you found value in it.

  16. Eric Cantu says:

    wow. what an eye opening article. I had no idea most of the apps even existed. Thank you for the great explanations of each!

    1. Yes, Eric, there are so many Apps that can be used to spy on you by your employer, govt or girlfriend so you must be aware of this for the security of your privacy. The worst part of this is your own phone will be used against you.

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