Google android Pie now available for pixel phone, here is what you need to know.


Finally, Google has just released its final version of Android P software, Android Pie. The version as of now, is available to Google Pixel phones and on what can be seen as a surprise, Essential’s PH-1 has also received the update ahead of some Android phones giants like Samsung, LG, Huawei etc. This, however, is not any surprise as it is believed the owner of Essential PH-1(Andy Rubin) has a very strong relationship with Google dating back to when the search giant was formed. So other Android phones will receive the update at a later date. Android Pie is the ninth major update and the OS is the 16th in the Android ecosystem.

The first update was released back in March 2018, when Google announced it’s indented on introducing the Android Pie. The second preview was released in May 2018 and there was Beta2, Beta3 previews of Android Pie which was released in June and July respectively. And on July 25, Google released the final P (Pie).

Android Pie, was introduced officially, on the 6th of August 2018.
There is a plenty of features that come with the new flavor and below I will walk you through some best features that will make you ask for a piece of Pie.


Google Android Pie Pros and Cons, Like any other past updates, Android Pie has its merits and demerits and below are some of them;


  • Has very helpful small changes
  • Its easy to understand and use
  • many improvements in notifications and in Do not Disturb
  • Background Apps cannot use the camera and microphone anymore
  • Better picture quality and also the addition of text selection is commendable


  • Some good tools of the previous version was removed
  • Pixel benefit from the majority of the features than other Android phones

Digital Wellbeing

Digital Wellbeing

Nowadays most people tend to spend the bigger portion of their time scrolling on their phones’ screens. Did you ever think of how much time you spend each given day using your phone? Probably not, because that had been an impossible task to do given there was no such software to help you perform the hurdle.

Google Android 9.0 comes with Digital Wellbeing, the feature gives you a rundown of your day in digital form. This new feature outlines what Apps you have been using throughout the day, and time you spend on each given Application on your Android device.

Adaptive Brightness

This feature is mainly focused on the phone’s background activity, it pays attention to the amount of light you like in a different environment and tries to adjust that for you. So in short, Adaptive Brightness will now do automatic brightness for you. This is too much, this mean Google is now tracing full time. If your phone can go to the extent of knowing all your activities, what you like, what you don’t like and what amount of brightness you like on your mobile device in different environments, that means you no longer have privacy. This feature learns the most Apps you spend most of your time using on your smartphone and priorities power on such applications. Applications which are not frequently used are thereby given minimal power You can also restrict power usage on some applications. Notifications of such Apps are delayed. So the whole concept is about limiting CPU usage to certain Apps you don’t use.

Adaptive Battery- the idea here is to go an extra hour with a single charge

Wind down-This option, schedule your phone to get ready to bed, while grey scale will put the phone’s screen to grey mode in order to save power, so what happens is when the phone is on greyscale, almost all Applications are forced to be inactive thereby serving power.

Do not Disturb-Instead

Instead of switching your phone to silent mode and dimming your screen during bed, Do Not Disturb, now take care of the settings. It silences all your notifications and visuals but not your contact’s calls, so all your important calls will still come through

You must also note that Digital Wellbeing is currently in Beta only, until the fall. Which means features like Wind down, Grey Scale, APP timer, usage habits, will not ship with Android Pie as of now, they will soon be available. So you may encounter some bugs in trying to use them. But if you have a Pixel device, you can begin testing those features as long as you have updated to the latest OS.

On its website, Google mentions that you do not have to join Beta programs in order to test these tools. What you need is your Pixel device with Android Pie version of OS. If you have these requirements then take the following steps to begin testing Digital Wellbeing software tools on your dashboard ahead of their launch;

    1. Assuming you have already downloaded Android 9 Pie, now go to Digital Wellbeing Beta Website
    2. Fill in with your correct Email Address, then tick “Yes” where you are asked if you have a Pixel device
    3. You will immediately receive an email, click to accept an invitation to beggin testing Digital Wellbeing on your device right away
    4. After you have confirmed your email address, and all the sign ups, you will be asked to

download Digital Wellness (Beta) from google play store

  1. Digital Wellness will appear on your device settings after 24hours

Digital Welbeing


It cannot be denied that nowadays, mobile phone users are storing very valuable data and so much privacy on their devices. That data however, is very vulnerable

There has been a debate on how Google handles its customer’s private data. So many stories have been said about Google intruding into a customer’s privacy without them knowing it.

Android Pie tries to address that issue, though it made some improvements, they are minor. You may need to go an extra step by installing some security software and applications on your phone to be on safe side. Below I walk you through some applications which come with the update.

Unlike in previous versions, with Android P, Apps are restricted to access “mic, camera and sensorManagers of apps that are not actively used. This means any App you gave permission to use a mic or camera cannot do that unless you frequently use it.

Overall, Android Pie is packed with wonderful new features that can bring about efficiency (especially the battery adaptability). The issue of battery draining has been one of the outstanding issues in the Android ecosystem, mainly Samsung phones. Not mentioning Digital Wellbeing, which pays attention to those applications not used but consumes a great deal of battery power. Unfortunately, some features are not yet available.

Have you tested the update yet? What’s your experience? Will be very happy to hear from you, share with others below. Also, if you have any question will be more than happy to help you out

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3 Replies to “Google android Pie now available for pixel phone, here is what you need to know.”

  1. Matts Mom says:

    I am curious how you would compare this to the IPhone? I am ready to get a new phone and frankly really tired of my iPhone. Every time there is an update I have problems, and none of my charging cords or accessories work unless it is made by Apple. Pretty sneaky really….and just wrong. What do you think the benefits are for the Android P?

  2. The Adaptive Brightness feature sounds technically very clever – I guess Google is applying some of its AI Experience – but the revelations over the past 9 – 12 months about privacy (lack of) generally make me increasingly wary of using features like this. I have done as much as I can on both Google and FB to ensure that I’m not tracked, my history is not stored and my contacts are not sync’d – but there’s no way of knowing whether these companies are really abiding by my wishes.

    1. Its true, on privacy Google, has not done enough. Customer’s data have, in the past, been invaded without their knowledge. So its always a wise decision to ensure your privacy is secure by activating necessary settings and installing security softwares

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