how can i locate my lost android phone

Is there a genuine method I can use to recover my lost phone?

So much has been said over the past decade from when Android phone was introduced, on how  to locate lost android phone. So many Apps and software are available to download on google play store and other sites. Some are free while others are paid. But in this lecture we are going to outline the best Apps, software and setting you need to master to prepare for those bad moments.

Could you talk about all the ways of securing your data and files on your android device without mentioning how you can recover or locate your device in the event that it’s stolen or lost. No! It’s always a wise idea to prepare for such misfortune times by installing the right software and Applications on your device. But sometimes it may be difficulty to decide on the best Apps to do the job

That’s’ts where we come in to help you to come up with the right tools. We have a dedicated Tech team that do the whole job of testing, analyzing and reviewing the applications for you. The only Apps we recommend you, are the best. So the great part of the task was done, what remain of you is to download. Below are five best tracking Apps that should be on your phone today.

1. How to find my phone using google

The ever advancing Android technology is ever making it so difficulty for thieves to steal our precious devices from us. Besides, it’s natural that we can forget phones in taxis, restaurants or at any given place. It happens, it’s human nature that we are sometimes forgetful. Thanks to google, almost all android devices nowadays come preinstalled with find my device. Unfortunately, you must set up this Application on your Android device before the worst happens. For someone looking for solutions for an already lost device, which had no Find My Device, scroll down, for some best solutions.

Getting Started with Find My Device

Most new Android devices have this service enabled by default, but you may need to set it up in old devices. For the Application to work, you need to link it to your Gmail account. Once you are signed in and set up, Find My Device can easily help you by:

  • Remotely ring the device. This will allow the device to ring without for about 5mins
  • You can lock the phone to prevent the intruder from effecting any changes to your Apps and from endading your privacy
  • The last option is to wipe your device’s memory. You must think very careful before taking on this option because it will also delete your google account and this will mean you will not be able to track your device. I urge you to take this action if you are sure, you will never recover your phone. Wiping data from your phone will remove sensitive information, therefore ensuring that your privacy is safe.

On your android phone to set up Find My Device;

  • Open your device’s settings
  • Tap Security and Location
  • Tap Find My Device
  • Turn On Remotely Locate This Device

After setting up, you can locate any lost phone remotely. But the device must be always enabled location services and must be connect to a WiFi or mobile data.

2. Using Find My Mobile, For Samsung

Samsung has it’s own tracking services, “Find My Device”. To use this service, you need to have a Samsung account and to be registered before your phone is stolen. If you were registered, it becomes so simple to track your Samsung phone. There are basically three requirements you must meet to access this service;

  • Your device must have an internet connection, WiFi or mobile data
  • It must have a Samsung Account and be registered with it
  • Find My Mobile should be set up with your Samsung mobile and Remote Control should be enabled

Samsung Find My Mobile allow you to ;

  • RING the phone continuously for about 5mins, even if the phone is on silent, this can help you only when you have misplaced the phone but it’s not a wise decision when your phone was stolen.
  • LOCK the Samsung phone and you can also change your password, this helps in preventing your information to be invaded.
  • ERASE the memory of your phone, only use this option as a last resort, when you feel you have no hope to recover your phone

3. Using google maps-Google location history[now called Timeline]

Requirements in using this Application;

  • Make sure your device is connected to your google account.
  • Your device had internet connection before it was turned off.
  • Location Reporting and Location History, must be ON.


It must be noted that, unlike, Find My Device, Timeline does not specialize on tracking lost/stolen phones. It can help you to see how far you have traveled, places you have visited, it can also show you the way you have traveled from place to place, like biking, cycling, walking, driving or public transportation.

To access this service on your Android phone or tablet, open google map;

  • Tap Menu
  • Tap TimeLine
  • To show another day or month, Tap show calender>>swipe left or right and tap a day

You can also choose, the type of map you want to use. You can use default, Satellite or Terrain. Satellite gives a simple to understand view but it needs more data as compared to the other two.

Google Maps’ timeline (old Location History) unquestionably demonstrates that Google is getting to your location in a significantly more intrusive route than the vast majority think. In the event that you don’t need your location to be stored online, you can disable location history in the settings. Open up Google Maps on your phone, go to your timeline and select the three-dotted symbol and after that “Manage location History”. Now, select Google location settings and disable Location History for your account.

But it’s a very good tool to be used in the event that you lost or your phone is stolen.

4. Find your phone using IMEI

Every phone has unique electronic digits serial number attached on it. Usually it is found on a sticker below the battery. Depending on the type and model of the cell phone you use. The serial number may be called IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity), MEID (Mobile Equipment Identifier), or ESN (Electronic Serial Number)

How can I use IMEI to track my mobile now?

You can find your IMEI number by dialing *#06# on any phone

Write down the serial number of your phone on paper, from the day you buy it. Store it on a very secure place.

When you lose your phone, report the case to the Police and your network provider and give them the IMEI number. You will then need to go with the case number to your service provider so that they can help you track the phone.

5. Where is my Droid

This is one of the best Third Party tracking App, that is available on the play store. It comes with numerous features that helps to ease your job of tracking your lost device.

Here are some features;

  1. It has an option to ring the phone, even if it’s on silent mode
  2. Can locate it via GPS on google maps, so it means this means, the device must have an internet connection.
  3. Uses a passcode, helps to prevent unauthorized changes to your Apps and ensure security of your privacy.
  4. Stealth mode-Also prevents intruders from seeing this security Application, the icon will not be displayed, thereby giving good room to record and send you enough information that will end up helping you in tracking your device.

Some features like GPS, GPS Flare, ring, passcode and sim monitor can be accessed for free. Other feature requires you to update to (Pro or Lite) for a small monthly amount. All the features as of June 2018 are as shown below:

This is an excellent application I recommend you to install on your Android device. $0.99/mo is not much as compared to your phone and precious information and privacy it holds.

Last words

Chances are very high that you can recover your lost/stolen phone if you preinstall these applications before the worst happens. You must do whatever it takes to ensure security on your phone, as you may do on anything that contain your valuables.

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22 Replies to “how can i locate my lost android phone-Pretty easy”

  1. How can I locate my lost Android phone pretty easy is an article I should have read 10 phones ago.

    I have a problem with keeping up with my phone. I a always  busy and never think about it until the last minute. Then most of the time I have left the place where I last had it. Then I go back there’s no time to be found.

     I really appreciate all the information you gave out now I will be able to people on my phone.

    Thank you for all this informative information I really appreciate it.

    1. You are most welcome. You are not alone, I also have lost so many phones without doing anything to recover them. It led me to look for ways I could use in future to recover my phone when lost and these are some of the best ways I found. It’s very unfortunate that many people will only think of these method of recovering phone after the phone is already lot or stolen 

  2. This is SO helpful! I don’t lose my phone often, but I certainly have in the past, and the way I found it was definitely NOT as easy as using a locator app. I’m a visual person when it comes to learning, so I love that you included so many pics to show us how these work. Thanks so much for sharing this information!

  3. I was really blown away and impressed when I heard that you can track your phone if you loses  it which I believe is pretty cool and should have persons that are using these phones to breathe a sign of relief knowing that if they loss their phone there is the possibility that their phone can be located and recovered. This is pretty amazing.

  4. Michelle Louise Wineera says:

    Wow great website on if we lose our phones, so detailed and helpful definitely will follow your posts. Appreciate your sharing,

    1. I am always there to help in such cases, always feel free to ask any question and I will be more than happy to help out.

  5. My experience with this was not a good one. I lost my tablet about 1 month ago and tried to use the find feature. Problem was the individual who had it was a unsavory character. If you approach a gang member or other career criminal to ask for your phone back, you are putting your life in your hands. Sometimes it’s just best to take a loss…

    Great post!

    1. Oh! I see can see your situation, but my advice is to advise Police with the details and location map of your phone then the Police will do the rest.

  6. Maryann Breece says:

    Excellent information. My husband loses his phone all the time. I will be sure we use one of these apps to help in the future. Great job I will look forward to your future posts.

  7. I wish I knew this a couple of months ago when I lost my phone. I’m definitely choosing one of the options so I can track it if it happens again! thank you for the information, this was very useful.

    1. welcome Nicolina, some Apps will only work when they were pre-installed, so am not sure if you had any pre-installed tracking app installed on your device before it got lost. If you need any help, feel free to contact me and I will be more than happy to help

  8. Wow, great information here! I never realized there were so many ways to protect your phone. Personally, I use an IPhone, but I have many friends with Samsungs. I’ll be sure to pass on your article to them. I’m sure they’ll really appreciate all the research you’ve done in advance for them.

    1. Am happy that you found value from this blog. Though you don’t have an Android phone, but believe me, you are going to have fun in helping your friends who use Android phones when the worst happens.

  9. Anna McGee says:

    Hello! Great post about how to relocate lost android phones. I certainly never knew that there were so many different options… and that they were easy options. I have several friends who have Androids and lose their phones very often. Will share with them. Thanks!

  10. I never personally had to use of these apps but it sounds like a really good software to utilize especially for people like me who lose thinks easily anyway thanks sharing have a good night.

    1. They are really good software and I advise you to install one on your phone and even your family member,s. Recently, I helped my friend recovering his stolen phone using Find My Device, the App makes it simple because it accurately gives you the location, as well as the map of your device, as long as your phone has a data connection, you can locate it in no time.

  11. Hi,
    I’m so glad I came across this post.
    I have always used an Android phone (I have a Moto g5 at the moment) but have never even thought about what I would do if I lost it.
    Now I will definitely be checking my settings or installing one of the apps on my mobile in case I do lose it or it’s stolen.
    Thanks so much for this information.
    I will be bookmarking this site to come back to in the future for more great tips.
    Best wishes,

    1. Hi Michael, am happy you found the value in the article.I always find pleasure in helping people secure their phones because I know how painfull it is to lose or have your device stolen.
      Always feel free to come back and ask any question conserning Android security, I will be more than happy to help.

  12. Matts Mom says:

    Wow, so much really useful information. I really did not know you could do all this remotely if your phone is lost. I have lost my phone before, and ended up calling my cell phone provider to put a lock on it. Now I see I can do all this myself. Really great post, thanks!

    1. Thanks now that you understand, all the settings needed to secure our phones are sometimes available on our phones but unfortunately, sometimes the worst may happen before you realize the capabilities of your phone.My advice is to pre install the Apps/software for the task at the time you buy your device.

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