How to backup android phone to Google Drive in 5 minutes

Smartphones have become a force to be reckoned as far as videos, photos, files and data storage is concerned. The latest Samsung’s flagship, Galaxy Note 9, has 250GB and 512GB of storage, on the two launched Galaxy Note 9 versions. This just means smartphones can now store as much data as computers. But, how such a huge amount of data can be stored safely without the fear of not losing it? Thanks to Google by introducing Google Drive.
If you have an Android phone, then this article is for you, to keep your family’s special occasions videos and photos and your work’s files, its crucial to know how to backup Android phone to Google drive.

In the past, I lost many of my special photos and my children’s birthday videos, which I had stored on my phone’s SD card. All lost and nothing was recovered. So disappointing 🙁 It happened several times, there was a time when I thought automatic backup was the way to go but I ended up discovering that it was useless because when the phone was stolen or dropped in water, I could not recover any of my data.

From the day I discovered about Google Drive, all data on my phone is guaranteed, safe, for life.

Google Drive is an online-based backup service. It is a cloud backup service used to store videos, photos, and files online. It simply syncs data across all user’s devices and the data can easily be accessed from any device, simply by login in using Google Account.

What I like most about Google Drive is the vast free storage it offers you for free. So upon installing and signing up to Google Drive, you will be given 15GB of storage space. This is quite amazing! 15Gb storage space for your Photos, videos and those important files of yours, without paying a penny, just by signing up.

Google drive storage As you can see, I have only used up only 0,86GB of the 15GB. An ordinary android user can rely on the free storage and you actually store more than enough of your data.

So how to back up android phone to google drive

First thing first, if you haven’t downloaded the Google  Drive Application, then ;

  • Down the Application on Google Play Store
  • Open the Application and click on the plus sign At the bottom of your phone’s screen
  • Click upload, and select what you want to upload
  • You are done, now all the data you have uploaded to your Google Drive account will be safely stored online

Access any backed up data from any device that has an internet connection, and I mean any device, even if it’s not your smartphone or computer. You can do this by typing in “”

But, you are the only one who can access your data and if anyone tries to log in your Google drive account, he/she will first need to enter your login details. So its very important to keep your login details out of reach of anyone except those you want to share the contents of your Google Drive.

Downloading a file from your Google Drive


Google Drive

  • Tap on the Google Drive icon like the one above
  • Click and hold on the file you want to download to select
  • click on the download arrow

You can download different files like;

  • Drawings
  • presentations
  • documents and Spreadsheets

All these files can be downloaded in all formats from Google Drive to your Android phone by a click

You can Pay for more storage if you intend to store large files. You can buy as many Terabytes as 30 depending on what you want to do with it. Below is a table showing how much does it cost for each respective storage. All payments are monthly.

Google Drive StorageBesides Google Drive storage, you can also buy storage space on some top 5 cloud storage services available so far. But for someone, like me, who is just using Google Drive to store his/ her personal data, 15GB free space can be more than enough.

You also can download your Google photos by simply taping the Google Drive icon

  • Click at the dotted lines at the top left of your screen
  • scroll down to settings.
  • And then turn on the toggle button for automatic syncing of Google photos to Google Drive.

Google drive settings{Add Google photos to Google Drive


It must also be noted that if you deleted your google photos from Google Drive, you will have also deleted them from Google photos.

Download the Application right away

It is high time you stop using Blu-ray discs and memory cards in order to store your data. Why doing that while you can access 15GB free storage just by opening an account with Google Drive. There is no need to worry how you can recover your data in case your phone is stolen, lost or maybe its totally damaged. The application can be easily downloaded on any android phone, whether rooted or not rooted

Did you find this article helpful? If yes, do me a favor by sharing it with your friends. If you have any issue with Google Drive, please stress it out and I will be more than happy to help you out within the shortest period possible.











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  1. Thank you for sharing this great article. I also use google drive to store my files and pictures. For anyone that is looking to start using google drive, your article has done a great job explaining the steps to get it set up. this is very helpful for anyone who is not tech savvy. Thank you for the great article. Keep it up with the geat work.

  2. Thanks for this overview. I’ve used Google drive previously but not to backup my phone. I’m getting onto it now.

  3. Great sharing!
    I have once lost my precious family photos in my cellphone without backing up, that was 2 years ago, used SD to back up since then. Cloud is definitely a more convenient and reliable way, will definitely try for Google Drive as it’s free.



  4. What you write solve me a great technical problem. I always worry about how to backup so many photos as I always take photo for my daughter. Use google drive to backup is really convenience only if your mobile can connect to internet. Importantly, 15GB storage is totally free. It’s really a great news for me. I will introduce to my friend. Thank you for you sharing.

    1. Always happy to see smiles by helping people have a great time with your Android phone. Android will never be the same again in terms of storage. Just recently Samsung released Note 9, and the flagship has a staggering 512GB of storage and 6GB of RAM, on its website Samsung mentioned that it’s working on a 500GB memory card, meaning you can work with 1TB on your phone. Absolutely awesome news.

  5. That”s fantastic advice and really well explained. I agree, Google Drive is such a useful app.
    A while ago, I was quite keen on finding a good solution after a friend of mine experienced a little disaster. She took her phone to a shop to have its batterie replaced, was told to come back after 30 minutes, and when she did found out that when they attempted to get the old batterie out, the phone exploded. All data, everything lost!
    So I didn’t want to experience anything like that.
    It was very easy to install Google Drive and sign up for the free option but I think I will upgrade to get 100GB as I take many pictures and I want to make sure they are all stored in a safe place. Or to you think it’s better to go for a cloud storage service to get more storage?

    1. Great to hear it’s helping you, yes, as for me, I will have to consider upgrading for more storage, but currently 15GB is quite ok.

  6. Smartphones can store as much as computers?? Did I read that right?
    Google Drive is a great resource, I completely agree with you. I love the extra sense of security I get by backing up files to Google Drive. Thanks for this great article!

    1. Yes, Benji, you read it right, smartphones can store up to 30TB of data, right in your pocket. What you just need is the knowledge of how to use Google Drive. The data is data is even more secure in Google Drive than it is on your computer hard drive because your computer hard drive can crush but never that will happen with Google Drive

  7. Andrew Paterson says:

    You’ve got me thinking that this is what I need to do now. Many thanks for the information. I have only lost data once and it wasn’t that important, but I now know how to prevent that from happening again.
    Many thanks 🙂

    1. That’s great to hear it helped you, backing all your data on Google Drive will guarantee its safety.

  8. Fantastic article. I have an android phone and never thought to store my photos in google drive. I’m always getting notifications about storage and now that I have read your article I know just what to do.
    Thank you so much for this very informative article.

  9. Matts Mom says:

    This is all great information for sure. Only problem is that I have an iPhone. Do you know if I can back up my iPhone to google drive as well? That would be sweet if I could. Seems the apple cloud is very limited and then they want you to pay 🙁 It is always something with Apple. About time to switch to an Android.

  10. Guillermo says:

    Hi, thanks you so much for that precious information, I think that is just what I’m going to do today, I need to backup my android. I’m agree that we should stop backing up our data in discs and memory cards, in the cloud is accessible and easier to move from device to device.

    1. You are welcome Guillermo, technology is bringing so much with it, what you only need is to harness it and enjoy pretty easy life

  11. You did a great job man. You explained the whole process in a simple format to follow. I really enjoyed it. Keep up the good work.

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