how to recover deleted videos and photos from Android phone.

Lost data is not forgotten data

It is very common nawadays, in the Android ecosystem,  android devices accidentally or as a result of virus or malware attack format your data or you may delete it by accident, and without enough know-how, you may give up on recovering the information. In this article we are going to outline some of the best method you can employ to recover deleted videos and videos from android phone-without computer

We capture and save plenty of pictures and videos and most of them, in most memorable events with families and friends. However, all these files can be lost in a matter of second, due to your device malfunction, so disappointing isn’t it? If you own an android device you need not worry anymore about your lost photos and videos because after you have done with this article, you are going to love it.

To do the recovery, you need to use google play apps and I am going to list some best recommended in that task. Most of them are free but in some case you may need to pay a small amount to get, “Pro-features”. But, spending a little in recovering precious memories that were erased a long time ago, shouldn’t hurt that much I guess. However, in some instances you may need to act quickly before your deleted files are overwritten by new files.

What make this whole task of recovering your files easy, is a built-in cache system that can keep all the media even after deletion.

To prevent your pictures and videos from losing them forever, it’s advisable to back up them with Dropbox or google photos. The latter having an advantage of backing up your videos and photos for free.

Picture/videos recovery I recommend you to install today

1.EaseUs Mobisaver for android

EaseUS MobiSaver for Android is most effortless Android information recovery programming salvages lost contact, SMS, photograph, video, music files, messages, or documents from Android device. This is a standout amongst the most effective and simple to-utilize information recuperation programming for Android devices. With it, you can recover your lost information from Android phones, Android tablets and even from the external SD card in Android devices easily.

Instead of connecting your android device to a PC, you can simply download EaseUs Mobisaver for Android, from google play store and install.You can use it for free but to access Pro features you may need to part with $5.99.



DiskDigger is one of the trusted Android data recovery software, and fortunately, it can easily be accessed on google play store. Though DiskDigger can recover deleted/lost files on android devices that are not rooted, more files can be recovered on a rooted device.

Using DiskDigger

Utilizing DiskDigger for Android is extremely simple. After starting your application, it will show two choices: “basic scan” and “Full Scan.” The “full” scan usefulness is accessible just on rooted devices, while the “basic” functionality is accessible paying little attention to whether your device is rooted.

On rooted devices, the application ought to enable you to choose the memory segment to scan. Your device’s internal memory usually appears up as “/data”, and the device’s SD card normally shows up as “/mnt/sdcard” or something similar


If your device is not rooted then tap on “Start Basic photo Scan”, button to continue to the “scanning for files” section below.

When you utilize the application on a rooted device, you may see a Superuser request window. Make a point to press “allow” specific end to allow DiskDigger root permission.

After you select the memory device to check, you will choose the kinds of data that you want to recover. For better execution, please select just the file type that you actually need and leave those that has nothing to do with your lost files.

After you are done with scanning, DiskDigger will provide you with three options to Save your files;

  • Save to an App and
  • Save to device
  • FTP upload
  1. Save to an App
  2. This method allows you to manually select an application on your device, like Email, so that you can send the recovered files to your email, thereafter you would email them to yourself. Another method is to send your files to a cloud storage App like Dropbox or Google drive, the software allows you to select, manually, the App of your choice you want to send the files

2.The second technique enables you to spare the recovered files back to the device (inner memory or SD card from which the documents were erased)

NOTE: It is wise to save the documents you recover to an alternate partition from which you are recovering your files. It is not wise to store your data on to a similar partition they were recovered, in light of the fact that you will certainly overwrite similar documents recovered,

3. The last strategy enables you to transfer the recoverable files to a FTP server. Keeping in mind the end goal to do this, you need access to a FTP server that is online, with the right credentials for getting to and transferring to the server. DiskDigger will display a dialog for you to enter the FTP server’s host name, and your user’s name and password for signing on to the server:

3. Google Drive

Google drive is used for file storage and to sync data on different devices. The system enables users to store their files online, sync files across devices. The good part of google drive is, if you upload your files on google drive, they are stored in secure data centers. If your android phone is lost or broken, you can still access your files from other devices by logging to your google drive account. Once you logged in to your google drive account you will have access to 15g space to store your videos, pictures and other files. If your files needs a storage of more than 15g, you can online storage:

  • 100GB costs $1.99/month
  • 1 TB costs $9.99/month
  • 2TB costs $19.99/month
  • 10 TB costs $99.99/month
  • 20 TB costs $199.99/month and so on…….

This is a great tool you can use as an Android user, to avoid losing your photos/videos permanently. If your phone is stolen, damaged or lost, don’t panic for as long as your files were backed up, they will be safe. That’s you only need to log in

How to back up and sync your videos and photos

on your android phone or tablet, open google photos App

  • Sign in to Google Account
  • At the top, Tap Menu
  • Select settings Back up and sync
  • Tap “Back up and Sync” on or off

In the future, in order to prevent data loss from your android device, make sure you regularly back up your videos and photos with google drive. Recovering data with the above mentioned programs is extremely easy. It is absolutely free to try, so that you can at least download the App and see its true power and potential.





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  1. I don’t know a lot about Android since I am an apple user but  every time i stumble upon an Android device i am always confused because in some ways both system are different. It’s always good to to get every bit of knowledge on your devices since most of use have a lot of personal data we keep in our phones. If something happens we want to be able to recover those data. Those are good tips to recover data from your Android device very interesting article.

  2. I have always heard of these phones for so many years now but I have never own one of my own. These phones are very popular and have gotten worldwide attention. What you are sharing here is pretty amazing and I know that your readers will find what you are sharing to be most helpful making life easier for them.

  3. Emmanuel Buysse says:

    I had almost prayed to have found an article with this kind of information before.

    I think that most of we have always suffered from this kind of problems regarding to our information that is on our cell phones and that we later delete and want to recover later.

    I have been convinced by your information and I think I´m encouraged to use the app you recommend herre.

    Thank you very much for this good article.

  4. Marlinda Davis says:

    Omg, yes! This is just what I need right now! My cat knocked my external hard drive off my desk and broke it so I lost all of my videos and pictures. I was wondering if there was a way to retrieve them from my phone because I remove them from my phone and put them on my hard drive. Thank you SO MUCH for this because I thought I had lost them forever. Now that I’ve read your guide and know what to do I can at least get those back.

    I can’t say thank you enough!


  5. So glad I managed to track down your article. I attended a wedding last weekend and took some pictures and videos and unfortunately deleted the wrong folder from my albums on my phone. EaseUs easily recovered it, well worth the 6 bucks.

    Do you have any recommendations on something good for encrypting files too?

    1. That’s is great, on encrypting your files, you can use google drive to store all your files, it has a very secure cloud storage and uses your own password to unlock it.

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