How to remove bloatware from Android phone without root

Bloatware, also known as default applications, are those apps that comes preinstalled on the phone.

Many of these apps, however, are never used but continue draining your battery, using a great deal of your storage and even use your mobile data.

The most boring part is, these preinstalled apps cannot be uninstalled like other apps you download from the play store. In this guide, I am going to walk you through how you can remove bloatware from your android phone using pretty easy methods.

      However, using apps I am going to introduce you, make sure you have a full backup of your Android phone and also make sure you do not uninstall important apps as this may render your phone useless

After this guide, you will be able to disable or hide the default applications from your device.

  Disabling bloatware

Disabling bloatware is making sure the default app does not take unnecessary RAM space by continue running in the background. This is considered an un-risk move as it doesn’t get rid of the application totally. So in any case, you need to run the app, you can just go to your settings>>applications manager, find the application you disabled and enable it as shown below 

  • Go to your mobile phone settings
  • Find the Application Manager
  • Tap to select the application you want to disable
  • at the top screen, you will see options to disable or turning off the app
  • Click Disable/Turn off or force stop
  • A prompt message will appear warning you of the danger involved in removing system apps
  • If you are sure the app is not of any importance to you, tap “Disable
  • You are done, the app will no longer be using your device’s storage or using data in the background.
  • There is also an option to uninstall updates, as you can on the image below. This does not disable the app, but will factory reset it and thus at least make it lightweight (the result will mean smaller space and data used)
Select the Applications you want to disable from the list of applications in the application manager
Press Force Stop or Turn Off to make sure the bloatware does not continue functioning in the background

debloater apk no root

Steps in using Debloater

You can also use a software called Debloater to block or disable bloatware applications on your Android phone without rooting your device. Debloater is not an official app from the Google Play Store, so you can only download it from third-party sites.

Since this deploater apk is not from the official Google play store, you should be warned that you fully understand and agree to use this software at your own risk, or more precisely as the developer say it;

As a word of warning, uninstalling system applications can be very dangerous so please know what you’re getting rid of before you complete these steps. Failing to do so could result in your phone becoming unusable until you perform a factory reset. Of course, by removing any given system application, another system application that may depend on it may also break so be careful what you remove. But if something does go wrong, you can always perform a factory reset to bring things back to the way they were. Which is something else you should know – these uninstalled system applications can/will come back after a factory reset.


Debloater was developed by an XDA software developer (Gatesjunior) to help mobile phone users to block or disable all carrier or manufacturer apps that eat a lot of space, data and battery power by running in the background, yet they are not contributing anything of relevance. 

There are, however, few  requirements needed to start running this softaware, below are the things you need to to put in place;

  • Your Android device must be Android KitKat version and above
  • Install manufacturer’s USB drivers
  • Turn on USB debugging and 
  • Grand access to windows Operating system

What are the function of Debloater?

  • Disable or block bloatware apps on your mobile device
  • Can also enable or unblock the same apps whenever you wish
  • Enable or unblock a number of applications at the same time rather than one at a time
  • Allow total removal of the device’s applications if you have root access
  • It also allows filtering of the displayed applications, thereby enhancing faster decision

How to uninstall preinstalled apps on android phone without root

Unfortunately, this method only works when the Android phone is rooted. Most carriers and phone manufacturers do not make it easy for users to uninstall default applications because of some different reasons.   

This is a more drastic move than disabling bloatware apps. Uninstalling bloatware means you are getting rid of the app files totally.

While this will make sure you remove those unnecessary default apps from your device, it is also a risky move as you are unable to recover those files in the event that you need them in future. 

To remove bloatware without rooting your Android device, you can use some specialized apps from Google Play Store.

To read how you can uninstall preinstalled apps on android phone with root, click here 

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