Whatsapp is a messaging app that has grown its popularity rapidly over the past years. The secret behind its rapid growth is

Whatsappmainly because of its security and affordability, nothing more.

The App has end-to-end encryption, that means all messages you send have special locks. Only you and your recipient have access to the messages, not even Whatsapp can access your messages. So does this mean you cannot hack WhatsApp? In this step-by-step guide, I am going to walk you through how to spy someones Whatsapp messages using Whatsapp web, the steps are pretty simple.

Whatsapp popularity

When it was bought by CEO Mark Zuckerberg, back in 2014, Whatsapp had monthly users of 450 million and 315 million daily users. Fast forward in December 2017, Whatsapp reported that it now has 1,5 billion users and that over 60 billion messages are sent per day. In December 2017 New Year’s Eve alone, in the UK, over 75 billion messages were sent. 13 billion were photos and 5 billion being videos. About 84% of Android phones in the UK are installed with Whatsapp and 56% are using it on a daily basis.

Whatsapp usage

Such statistics show the ever-growing use of Whatsapp and how popular it has become. Most of Whatsapp users, however, are young people, which becomes a homework to most parents and guardians if this communication platform is not misused by their children.

There are several reasons that may lead you to spy on someone’s Whatsapp messages.

  • You may have lost track of your children, maybe they have gone out with their friends and it has taken too much time for them to return. You can use Whatsapp web to track their activities by seeing their Whatsapp chat history.
  • It may be because you are suspecting your boyfriend or girlfriend to be cheating on you and you have decided to read their Whatsapp messages without them knowing it.

Remember it is illegal to invade someone’s privacy, if you do it for illegal reasons, you may find yourself in a very big problem


Always consider your country’s or state’s law before attempting any type of spying on someone without their knowledge (unless it’s your underaged children). Do it at your own risk.

Another point, as parents, it is our responsibility to make sure that our children are interacting and spending their time with the right people. It is also of great importance to make sure your kids are not engaged in bad activities like online dating and pornography. But most times, it can be a daunting task to see all these activities without using spying Apps because messages can be easily be deleted. Whatsapp web makes the job of managing your kids easy.

The biggest Question is, “how to will you manage to track someones Whatsapp without him/her actually knowing it?” Many advertisements they can hack Whatsapp without installing any App, however, these are just but lies.

Normally you need to get hold of the phone once, for at least 4 minutes or less to put the settings on the target phone or install the spy App. After you have installed or put the settings you will have no need to get hold of the target phone again.

There are several Applications out there that claim to do the job well, but the truth is most of them are trash. If you could go on YouTube today and search for Apps that can spy on Whatsapp messages, you can find that there are tens of thousands of videos that claim to do the job, don’t believe in everything they say.

From my own experience, I have tested most of them, they are completely useless. Take your time and see how Whatsapp web works, you will definitely like the App.

Whatsapp Web

Whatsapp Web is the easiest spying App you can use without any technical knowledge. Its pretty simple to use. To use this App, you need to have the target device for about 3-4 minutes only.

What you need, to use Whatsapp Web?

  • Have access to the target phone, less than 3 minutes can do
  • Open the play store, and install Whatsapp Web
  • Open the App, QR Code, leave the screen displaying the QR Code and now let’s go to the settings on your actual phone
  • On your device, go to Whatsapp and open it
  • At the top right corner, you will see the three dots, click on them
  • A new pop-up page will open as below

Whatsapp Web

  • Click on Whatsapp Web.

Whatsapp Web

  • Click on OK and scan the QR Code on the target device
  • Make sure both devices have an internet connection, Aline your mobile screen well to the QR Code
  • You are done

Now you are finished with the target device. You can see all messages as they come as on the target device, can even answer the messages remotely noticed.

Using Computer

Remember, you can also monitor the target device from your desktop or laptop. Just open your browser and type “Web.Whatsapp.com”, A screen with instructions will be displayed which requires you to open WhatsApp web on your phone as we discussed above.

Simply open the Whatsapp web on your phone and scan the QR code on your desktop screen. That’s all, the target phone will now be easily managed from your desktop provided you have an internet connection. All device must have an internet connection and Whatsapp messages will appear only when your the target person opens his/her Whatsapp.

Our phones are no longer safe these days, someone can spy on you, using your own phone, yes, it’s now very possible. To know more how can this happen and how to discover if someone is spying on you; read here


The use of Whatsapp web to spy on kids’ activities is advisable as that will enable you as a parent to have full control of the children, thereby helping to up bring a responsible child. Most children nowadays spend most hours of the day with their mobile phones, interacting with different people on social media, using social media is not all that bad, however, there is the possibility of meeting with bad elements, who may, of course, seduce them into doing bad things.

With this Application, you always have a close eye to your child.

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10 Replies to “How to spy someones Whatsapp messages using Whatsapp web”

  1. This was a very interesting read! Thank you so much for sharing this information! I myself love learning about technology! Also have 5 younger siblings at home so I will have to tell my mom about this so she knows!

    On a side note, this is good information because I can now check my phone periodically to make sure someone isn’t spying on my WhatsApp haha!

    Thanks again for sharing this great knowledge!

    All the Best,


  2. Wow! This is mind blowing! I knew tracking someone’s phone could be done but I didn’t know it was this easy! We see it done in movies all the time. Now, how do I get into the targeted phone if it is password protected? And can this be done on Apple phones as well? 

    1. Unfortunately this method only works when the phone has no password, you may need to find way to gain access to the password. On an iPhone, you may need to try this method and see if it can work for you

  3. Personally, I am not a great fan of spying on WhatsApp or any other communication application but as you mentioned in some rare cases it is might to important to do this. For example, when you want to make sure that your child is not in touch with dangerous people this might help. The web interface of WhatsApp has fewer features comparing with the main application and I was always wondering what utility it might have… Here is a good one. Thanks.

  4. I can see why this would be important for parents but I think most will use this to track their significant other. I had no idea that it was this easy to link your phone and perform the tracking. I appreciate your simple instructions and all the background info you provided in this informative article.

    1. True, many will try to misuse this feature persuading a different agenda, but it can be used for very important situations

  5. I had to bookmark your post because for personal reasons when I had the memory of my phone overloaded with pictures and etc, I had to delete apps and it included WhatsApp. I have struggled to get WhatsApp web active so I can view messages on my laptop instead of the phone.

    I am going to use the steps for my personal WhatsApp so I can use it over the laptop.


  6. I must say that this is very interesting and pretty funny. Although I recommend that this should not be done, it is not bad to read messages of some friends or family. I think that I will try this on my girlfriend and I hope that it will work. Thanks for such interesting article.

  7. Sharon Whyte says:

    Oh my gosh, it is amazing what we can do on our phones.  I recently started using Whatsapp and find it quite good.  I have a group of friends on it and we communicate regarding our teenage boys. We had better be careful as they may just spy on our conversations!!!

    You are right in saying our phones are no longer safe.  So much can be accessed it blows my mind how clever people are and also how smart the phones we use daily are.

    Good article!

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