Android security paches

Google now requires two years of regular security patches for popular Android devices

“Fragmentation”, This has been the main characteristic of Android devices’ security patches over the years. Google has had a problem of Fragmentation as far as the distribution of Android devices’ updates is concerned. Almost every month a dedicated security team at Google release a new set of patches for Android devices’. However, as OEMs say, it’s a hurdle to get these security patches to the actual phones or tablets, the process is meandering. According to the contract obtained by The Verge, Google provides that OEMs will now be required to provide at least 4 security patches in the first 2 years of launching Android phone or tablet, starting from 31… Read More

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2 Amazing methods used to Scan documents with Android Phone for free

Scanning may be defined as seating in front of a bulky machine, feeding it with physical papers or documents in order to make them digital. But in fact, this is the old version definition, it doesn’t apply to this mobile age era. The process has been made easy, you can scan documents with an Android phone using pretty simple methods, and you can definitely do that in minutes and send them wherever you want online. Gone are the days when you have to wait for several minutes, if not days, for your physical documents to be converted into digital once, we are living in the mobile age, why can’t you… Read More

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Magnetic Car Mount Holder

5 Best Magnetic Car Mount Holder compatible with all smartphones

Gone are the days you had to drive with your smartphone in your pocket or in your handbag. Its pretty much frustrating answering calls when driving, worse if the phone is far from reach, and what if you are to be seen by the Police answering that call with the phone in your hand? I was fined several times by law enforcement agents for using a phone while driving in the past, I am sure this is an offense the world over. But there is a simple remedy to this. In this guide, I am going to be walking you through how Magnetic Car Mount Holder can be of great… Read More

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How to spy someones Whatsapp messages using Whatsapp web

Whatsapp is a messaging app that has grown its popularity rapidly over the past years. The secret behind its rapid growth is mainly because of its security and affordability, nothing more. The App has end-to-end encryption, that means all messages you send have special locks. Only you and your recipient have access to the messages, not even Whatsapp can access your messages. So does this mean you cannot hack WhatsApp? In this step-by-step guide, I am going to walk you through how to spy someones Whatsapp messages using Whatsapp web, the steps are pretty simple. Whatsapp popularity When it was bought by CEO Mark Zuckerberg, back in 2014, Whatsapp had… Read More

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Messenger Apps

5 best massenger Apps for Android, number 1 will shock you.

The use of messaging apps has been a vital means of communication over the past years. With the advent of modern-day technology, we have seen the use of video calling, emailing, etc. But the use of messages has seen an ever-increasing and acceptance, due to its reliability and affordability. But what’s the most accepted Android messaging App globally? Today lets discuss the best messaging Apps for Android phones in 2018. The answer to this question is varied, mainly because each region has its favorite messaging Application. In this guide, however, the Application was ranked according to its usage globally, ease of use, security, and the probability of meeting your friends… Read More

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