Tasker to lose SMS and call functionality in January 2019

As Google is implementing a raft of security measures to make Android ecosystem a safe place for users, some of its measures, may, however, affect App developers and users in one way or the other.

Tasker App may be affected by Google’s early October announcement that it is going to be strict about which Applications have permissions to access user SMS and phone call logs.

Tasker App is used for numerous actions, including automatically launching apps, playing music, control Do Not Disturb to mention just a few. Its an all in one automation application that plugs into many mobile device permissions and APIs to enhance over 200 actions.

Tasker App has been the most trusted Android automation App, but, come January 2019, the app may lose two of its major permissions, it will no longer have access to user call log and SMS.

Google Announced that only Applications set as default apps for dialer and texting messages by users will have such permissions. Considering Tasker is not either of the two, it becomes very tricky for the automation app to survive the chop.

Tasker app owner, wrote a request to Google, asking the search giant to exempt Tasker App from this new rule, pointing out how the app is taking data seriously by not abusing it, and users are greatly benefiting from their service. Unfortunately, Google declined the request, because of several reasons as to why the app doesn’t qualify to be exempted.

So, if Google doesn’t change its stance on this issue, then come January 2019, Tasker App will be stripped off the permission to access users SMS and call logs.

The owner of Tasker app (João Dias) is already working on a new version of the app that will no longer ask permissions for SMS and calls log.

Are you a Tasker app user? if you are grieved there is a platform created for users like you, to air your opinion on the subject to Google. Click here, to send a message to Google, telling them what you think. Who knows, you might be the game changer

So we will have to wait until January 2019, if nothing is changed, Tasker app will lose its SMS call automation functionality because Google is striving to make Android OS and Google Play store safe for you and me. A noble idea though, considering the security situation of Android and the ever-increasing cases of cybercrimes.


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Tasker to lose SMS and call functionality in January 2019

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