How to take screenshot on Android phone

There are so many reasons that can lead one to take screenshots of his/her phone. Bloggers or article writers can take screenshots to add visuals to their content.

App developers in another way can also take screenshots to document their Apps.

To take screenshots, different Android devices have different settings and some phones without screenshots built-in can also use third-party Apps from Google Play Store.

Deciding on which method works the best for you, can sometimes be a daunting task, Below, we walk you through some of the best method used to take screenshots on an Android phone.

Shortcuts used to take Android phones screenshots

Almost all Android phones running Ice Cream Sandwich (4.0 version) and above, have screenshot built-in. So as long you have a 4.0 version and above, you are guaranteed your device can perform this task

Capturing phone’s screen involves pressing two buttons, either press and hold the power button and home button at the same time or volume down and power button at the same time.

The standard method of capturing screen photos is by pressing and holding the power button and volume down for some seconds. If the screen capturing was successful, you will see a brief screen animation, that is then followed by a confirmation in the notification bar suggesting that the screen capture was successful.


In some mobile phones, the flashing screen is usually accompanied by a camera shutter sound.

The screenshot can be easily accessed in the photo gallery for sharing or any other use.

However, it’s not all Android phones that use the standard method of screen capture. For instance, Samsung phones require you to press the home screen instead of volume down.

In such cases, press and hold the home and power button at once for some seconds in order to take a screenshot of your phone. From there, all the steps that follow are similar to the standard method. You will receive a confirmation on the device’s screen and the photo will be viewable in the gallery.

Use the capture screen option

In other Android phones like Sony, you can use the standard method and at the same time, there is another option available to compliment. You can access it by pressing and holding the power button for some seconds, an option to take a screenshot will appear on the device’s screen, click on the option to take the screenshot.

Most popular phones like Motorola, HTC, LG, ASUS, Google phones, Huawei, Lenovo, OnePlus phones and ZTE phones, all use the standard method of taking screenshots (Press and hold volume down and power button).

Root Your Android phone

If you are running earlier version like 2.3 and below (Android Ginger Bread), its unfortunate that these Android versions had no screenshot built-in. So in order to take a screenshot, you will need to first root your device.

In earlier versions of Android phones, screenshot option was not made available because it was a security feature which was feared to be used by cybercriminals or other malicious downloads capable of spying and stealing user private data.

This was a very smart move in a way because the introduction of some of these features on our Android devices and computers have resulted in massive data breaches around the globe.

In the period from January 2017 to October 2018, cases of cybercrimes almost doubled, this shows how the internet is posing danger in our lives. To read about the dangers of the internet and how you can use it safely, read here.


Samsung Galaxy phones come with the Stylus Pen, you can use that to take screenshots. Pull out the Stylus Pen and launch Air Command, usually launched automatically. Click on screen write.

At the top right of your device tap the mark to confirm that you want to capture the screenshot. Before you save the screenshot, you can edit according to your preferences.

You are done, the captured screenshot can be accessed from the gallery.

Using Third-Party Apps

Let’s look into some Applications you can download from Google Play Store that can take screenshots. Most of these Apps has some functionality very similar to the stock method, however, they have awesome additional features that make the process simple and interesting.

AZ Screen Recorder

This is one of the best screenshot App out there, I have been using this App for quite a long time and I can guarantee you, its simple and awesome to use.

Beside taking screenshots, I usually use this app for recording my device screen, yes, it has that option too. It also has an option for live streaming on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitch. You can also watch live games.

To use this Application, go to Google Play Store, type AZ Screen Recorder in the search box, download and install.

After installation, click on the AZ Screen Recorder icon and the below functions will appear on your mobile phone screen;

Az screen recorder

Click on the camera option to capture the screen of your phone. The captured screen will then be displayed with options to edit and share/ sync to the cloud.

Screenshot Easy

The second screenshot App, with an easy user interface, is the Screenshot easy. It has amazing features, you can capture the screen using the overlay icon, ( the Apps icon floating on the screen). You can also take a screenshot by shaking your device or by using the widget.

screenshot easy

Screenshot Easy can be accessed on Google Play Store for free.

There are further again some post-shot options you can use to sharpen the captured photo, including cropping, changing it to zip file, adjust colors adding date stamp. You can save the resulting photo as a PNG or JPG image.

Beside taking Screenshots, this App can also record the phone’s screen just like the AZ Screen Recorder.


This is all about taking screenshots on Android phone. What model of Android phone are you using right now? How are you taking screenshots of your device screen? Did you find this tutorial to be helpful? I would like to hear your opinion in the comments box below. If you have any question on this topic, drop it in the comments box below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

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Amazing methods for taking screenshots on Android phone

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